Oxygenics Offers Star Wars Shower Heads for a Limited Time

Star wars shower heads

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to try a couple of shower heads from Oxygenics that feature two Star Wars characters, R2-D2 and Darth Vader. First of all, it’s exciting to try a product from a company whose sole focus is producing high quality and efficient shower heads. Their technology adds oxygen to the water to give you a more powerful spray using less water. So it’s a ‘green’ shower head, that will ultimately save you on your utilities bill.

Secondly, I have now brought the ‘awesome’ of Star Wars into my shower. Since my connection allows for a fixed and handheld shower head, I was able to hook up R2 and Vader at the same time. It’s a unique occasion where the light and dark side work together!

Each product comes with easy-to-follow instructions and some plumber’s tape. Good call, Oxygenics, I wouldn’t have thought to buy any. The installation went very smoothly, and I was done in under 10 minutes putting both in. Everything is hand tightened, so no tools necessary. Easy peasy, and when I turned it on, no leaks!


I have to say they make a handsome shower set, and Vader pulls off my pink tiling and purple poof quite well.

I tried out R2-D2 first, and he has three settings. The first sprays water out of the smaller holes only and is a pleasant and firm pressure. Turning it to the second setting adds a more powerful spray coming from the larger hole in his middle, as in the picture below. The third setting actually made me jump a little. It’s shoots a high pressure spray out of the larger hole only, and packs quite a punch. After the initial shock, I found it to be a nice sensation. Perfect for an ‘angry’ shower after a long day at work.

Star wars shower heads from oxygenics

Darth Vader also has three settings, with the powerful spray coming from his eyes. I have him installed to just use as a handheld option, but he also comes with a holder if you want him fixed above you. His handle has a lever that will stop the water without actually turning it off. That way you can save even more water while you lather up.

Star wars shower heads, oxygenics

The holiday season is the perfect time for these to be available. If you have a loved one who is a Star Wars fan, these would be the perfect gift that they would never see coming. Or get one for yourself! You won’t regret having either (or both) of these high quality shower heads, and the shock factor of seeing R2 or Vader when you open your shower curtain is priceless. See if you can stop yourself from spouting off some Star Wars quotes as you clean up. (I pretended to be Princess Leia projected from R2-D2. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi!) On another note, for your family’s safety from chemicals and improper plumbing, this site: https://watersoftenerguide.com/fleck-5600sxt-review-best-water-softener-system will ensure you have the knowledge to arm to protect yourself and the ones you love.

Kids love them, too! My 3-year-old nephew has already asked a couple of times if he can use my “robot shower.”

You better move quickly! These shower heads are available for a limited time, so grab yours before they’re gone forever. You can purchase them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Click here to buy them now! Also, we want to send a big thanks to Oxygenics for letting us try out these bad boys.

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