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Top Phones for Gaming in 2017

Iphone 8, top phones for gaming

From the iPhone 7 to the Galaxy S7 Edge, mobile phones are becoming more impressive with each new generation. We’ll be taking a look at the best upcoming phones that will enhance your online gaming experience and ensure you won’t be let down when you’re playing at your best.

iPhone 8
UK release date: September 2017

With one of the best screens and fastest processors on the market, Apple’s next generation of smartphone will continue to build on its reputation for quality and aesthetics. Expect an ultra responsive touchscreen, lightning speed wireless connectivity and a mind-bogglingly high pixel count OLED screen. The phone will come to two sizes, ensuring even the most fiddly online poker apps are easy to navigate.

HTC 11
UK release date: April 2017

Expect some upgrades to the usable and unfussy HTC 10, including better Ram, a quicker processor and a higher resolution screen. Let’s hope that the battery life improves to avoid being cut off when you’re on a roll.

UK release date: February 2017

The new LG looks huge, with a high-res glass coated screen that covers most of the phone. This next generation LG looks like it will provide a nice big playing surface so you don’t have to strain your eyes when reading your hand. Expect improved processing power as well as a better battery than previous LG phones.

Sony Xperia Z6
UK release date: TBC

Sony’s foray into the mobile world has been successful and previous Experia models have provided a simple and easy platform for online gaming. A more responsive screen and better speakers are expected in this updated version, so you can enjoy all of the audio and visual effects when playing an intense game online.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL
UK release date: out now

The ‘made by Google’ is actually just a sticker on an upgraded HTC but the Pixel looks promising from the outset. Whilst retaining the simplicty of other Google products, the plus model has a very impressive screen and extended battery life so you can continue gaming on the move. The Pixel supposedly has one of the best screens in the industry, so your gaming experience should pop out from the screen.

It’s good news for the most avid of online gaming fans, with bigger screens, faster processors and longer battery life finally beginning to catch up to the needs of the high performance online poker player. If you like to take your poker seriously, why not join some of the world’s elite competitors and show them how it’s done

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