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OUYA Console Will Hit Retail Stores in June

The popular Android gaming console, OUYA will soon be available at several popular retail stores. It is expected to hit a couple of brick-n-mortar stores and some online stores as well. This includes Gamestop, Target, Best Buy and Amazon to name a few. The console should be available at the mentioned retailers beginning in June, while several of these already offer pre-orders for the OUYA as well.

Ouya console release

OUYA Reasonably Priced

The price as we already know is going to be $99.99 (Yay!), as mentioned on OUYA’s website for pre-ordering. Although, an extra controller will cost you,so pre-order it now because it might set you back by $50 when it hits retail stores.

Available for Pre-Order

You can place your pre-orders directly on OUYA’s website and in addition to that, Amazon, Target and Best Buy are also offering pre-orders for the console on their websites. OUYA will be officially unveiled in March, and early adopters who backed the OUYA project on Kickstarter will receive the console at that time while others who pre-ordered, will get it in April.
However, pre-ordering on one of the retail stores will probably get you the console in June.

Recently, in an interview, the CEO of OUYA, Julie Uhrman reported that they already have 68,000 consoles on order, and are expecting to ship more when OUYA goes on retail. She also promised that they’re working hard to include games from all genres. The company has contacted developers both big and small to bring some of the best games to the console; even developers that you know and love, with your favorite games.

OUYA is definitely going to change the way we game. It will bring new life to console gaming with its price tag, and especially the Android platform. This will make it a must-have device for everyone’s Lounge.

What are your thoughts on OUYA? Have you pre-ordered one for yourself? Do you think it will be a direct competitor to the likes of Nintendo, Sony, etc?