Track Your Stuff with StickNFind

SticknFind, debuting at CES from StickNFind technologies, uses a tiny bluetooth sticker and a connecting locating app to save us all those minutes we waste in the morning looking for keys, wallets, phones, and other essentials that seem to wander off.

Cool Bluetooth Sticker…about time!

A Bluetooth Sticker That Finds Your Stuff

Slap a small StickNFind sticker on anything that is bigger than a quarter, and routinely disappears, and then use the locating app to find the item the next time it goes missing. You can put one on your keychain and find your car keys easily. Track your luggage when you travel. You can put them on your husband’s sneakers, and never have to listen to “Honey? Have you seen my shoes?” ever again. (I’m just saying…)


The radar screen on the associated app shows all the stickered items within range and their approximate locations. Users can just view the app and see approximately where the missing item is, or can use the app to buzz or flash the stickered items. Kind of like calling your mobile number to find your missing phone, but for keys.

The SticknFind stickers and tracking app work with Bluetooth-enabled iOs devices, iPhone 4 and above, and Bluetooth-enabled Android devices, running 4.1 and above. One app can keep track of up to 20 stickers, but do you have twenty items you regularly misplace? I know I don’t….

The range for SticknFind is about 100 feet between the smartphone and the hiding item, which is great for when you absolutely know your keys are in the apartment, somewhere, but can’t find the little jerks. (Or in my house, I call this situation a normal morning…) There’s also a longer-range version of the SticknFind concept, which creates a virtual leash for your cat or dog, and sends a smartphone alert when Fluffy wanders too far.

Currently in Preorder

StickNFind is currently available to preorder, after a very successful IndieGoGo funding campaign. The project’s crowdfunding round ultimately raised over $900,000 dollars of a $70,000 goal, enabling StickNFind to go into production immediately. Plus, raising that much money, that quickly helped to remind all us searching for your keys that we’re not alone. A three-pack of SticknFind stickers is $69.99, and is expected to ship next month. Larger packages are also available, in case you have dozens of missing items to find by buzzing them.

StickNFind’s previous project, MeterPlug, is a small plug that can be inserted between an electrical appliance and the electrical outlet. This plug measures the electricity used by that appliance, and sends this data to a free smartphone app. This enables users to track how much electricity, and how much money, is required by each electrical appliance.

StickNFind Technologies is also working on BluTracker, which is a GPS locator and tracker, using the basic principles of StickNFind, but with a longer range. Instead of using it to find missing keys, BluTracker will be used to find your car or bicycle in the parking lot, or track down missing pets.