Organizing The Ultimate Dungeons And Dragons Wedding

D & d

Every year there are 2.5 million weddings in America. These celebrations of love are deeply personal, and many couples arrange a ceremony and party that reflects their passions, hobbies and lifestyle. For the 13 million people that play D&D, this is no different. There are plenty of fun ways that you can incorporate the ultimate storytelling game into your wedding celebrations, from some wonderful cosplay to some really unique gifts. You can even enjoy eating a menu of classic D&D food at your wedding reception – just don’t forget the real ale!

Engagement and wedding rings

The engagement and wedding rings are a symbol of everlasting love and something that you will wear every day, so it’s important to get the right one. It’s worth saving up to get rings that are personal and will be treasured forever. Decide how much you want to spend, and stick to this, but be realistic about your proposal budget. It’s important to get something that will keep you and your partner happy but doesn’t leave you cash poor. When you’re choosing your rings, think about the natural materials that you will find in your D&D universe: you don’t have to go for something traditional. Wood and titanium are great choices, or palladium. If you are going for a gold or silver band, you can have it engraved with a quote that is meaningful to you – even in Elvish. You could even have a D10 or D20 engagement ring especially cast for your loved one.

Wedding attire

Who says you need a big white dress and suit in order to get married? It is your wedding day, and you should wear whatever you please: there are no rules. It’s a great idea to dress as your D&D characters, as they are an intrinsic part of your personality. For the ultimate D&D wedding, get your guests involved in a little cosplay too; it will certainly make a refreshing change from “black tie.” Medieval is a popular look when it comes to D&D weddings – check out Pinterest and be inspired by the weddings of others. Your attire can make it a day to remember, and you will have some wonderful photos.

Food and drink

Ale is essential at a D&D wedding, although it is quite potent, so you will need something to soak up the booze. Roast goose is a good choice, or perhaps a foraged salad, made from whatever the ranger found. Stew is also a popular D&D menu option, rich and dark with red wine. If you’re planning a buffet, then lay out a Fancyman’s Feast of meat, cheese, nuts and fruits. For later in the evening, don’t forget to break out the potions and elixirs to drink, served in cocktail glasses. They are sure to disarm your enemy.

If you love D&D, then why not theme your wedding around it? You can have a celebration with friends and family that is memorable, fun and truly unique.


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