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Open Call for Mystics, Psychics, Spiritualists, Aura, Palm, & Tarot Card Readers, etc

Okay everyone, help me get the word out. I’m looking for some special guests for an upcoming episode of Geeky, Cheeky, & Downright Freaky. I want to discuss these gifts, how they were discovered, reactions from family, etc etc and of course I will make sure to post websites, social media contacts, etc to help promote the guests’ work as well.

This will be a serious interview, no “gotcha” moments and I’m not going to be making fun of anyone. I seriously want to learn more and help my audience understand these gifts and talents a little more. Just be advised that if you’re a charlatan or out for a grift, this isn’t an opportunity for you. I only want to speak with those that are serious about their craft.

I’m only looking for 5 or 6 guests, so it’s pretty much going to be a first come first-dibs kind of thing but I can be reached at Anyone that deals in the so-called “dark arts” such as mysticism, palm reading, communicating with the dead, psychics, tarot, spiritualists, aura reading, and other such talents are welcome to contact me for this opportunity.

My show is Sundays at 9pm EST and is broadcast via both video and audio internationally on Indie Volt radio, YouTube, Facebook, most major podcast platforms, and the Indie Volt Roku channel. Join me for this special episode and get your name out to 10’s of thousands of listeners while helping them understand more about what it is you do so well.

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