Nexus 7 Saga Continues

Nexus 7 Fail

Just as I wrapped up “Nexus 7 Integrated Services – Continued Review”, my Nexus 7 fritzed to black and didn’t turn back on.  Ah, irony is still alive and well in the universe.  So, being a technician, I plugged it in and hard reset the device by holding down the power and both volume buttons together.  Lo and behold, it worked!  Temporarily.  Then it died-again.  Technician in me is confused and I try a different charger.  No avail.  Different plug.  Nothing.

Technical Support

Native union pop pcOk, it’s time to call up the Google and test out their customer technical support.  I Google their contact number (ironic).  Hey, turns out they’re super easy going even if they are a little scripted.  I spoke with one pretty nice guy and explained my issue to him, and he summarized it back to me pretty succinctly, and then transferred me to the device returns department.

Here I spoke with a woman who asked about my troubleshooting steps, then generated the return.  Again, somewhat scripted, but not bad.  She gave pretty flexible responses after we covered the basics, and I got my Nexus 7 ready to travel home and be replaced.  Goodbye old Nexus.  She was excessively persistent to walk me through each step of shipping the item back.  Not a problem I suppose, but amusing to listen to like “Tape the shipping label to the outside of the box”.  I’m thinking to myself, “Have you seriously had someone put the shipping label inside the box?”  I got a chuckle out of it.


So in all fairness, having to return my Nexus 7 was a pretty serious negative.  I did not want my unit to fail, and I don’t know why it did.  -1 for Google.  Yet, they replaced it quickly, the new Nexus 7 was in my hands four days later, and it removed a scratch from the display of my device that was killing me to look at.  +2 Google.

Good work Google, and good job having a decent technical support team.


  1. Interesting – I brought the Nexus 7 and it was non-functioning right out of the box. I was told to wait 24 hours (yes, 24 HOURS) for a return shipping label in an E-MAIL and in that same e-mail, a link would be provided so that I could get a new device
    sent out.


    When I called Google again today, I was told to wait ANOTHER 24 hours for ANOTHER e-mail, with the SAME content.

    I know your post is old, but did you mention you were with Geek Mag when you asked for a new device?

    Is that what I have to do next time?

    Meanwhile, I’m getting ‘remorsefully’ closer to Google’s “15 day ‘remorse’ return

    If I’m still fiddling around, just waiting on them to send me their ‘return approval
    label’ next week, I might be stuck with this defective product. (That’s what
    THEY think.) There’s more, but I’m pretty cheesed and trying to leave off the
    bad language.

    Something to be said for “brick and mortar”.

    1. James Olinda says:

      I realize I’m super late replying to this, but no, I didn’t really mention any of that to them. I told them that I had experienced extensive problems with the unit shutting down, then told them what I tried. They emailed me the information I needed, and I sent it in.

      There is something to be said for “brick and mortar” storefronts, and having a place to go. I don’t know what to tell you, except to escalate it up the chain. Talk with Google and let them know they messed up, ask them to send you a new unit because you want to use it.

      I hope it worked out last month, sorry you had a ton of trouble getting it taken care of.

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