Nexus 4: What’s Taking So Long?

Nexus 4 Rant

OK, I’ve been keeping tabs on the Nexus 4 quite a while now, since my order on Nov. 28. About 7 weeks, 4 days and 12 hours…roughly. So, as you can imagine, I’m eager to get my hands on it and test it out! Thus I ask, where is this Nexus 4 that is getting such great reviews, why can’t I get my hands on one?

Nexus 4 - front


It turns out that stock of the device is scarce at best, which I knew. For those of you keep up with Google news, the first round of orders for the Nexus 4 on Nov. 13 went fast, literally in minutes they were all gone. When they were released again on Nov. 28, I was sure to have a friend on the site to order me one (while I was at work). Then, success! I had it ordered…just to find out I would be waiting a potential 8-9 weeks for it to ship. Wow…I mean, wow, I work for the fruit company, so I know all about wait times for devices, but that’s a chunk of time. Long enough for rumors to start circulating about the Nexus 5.

Long story short, I’ve waited, patiently. I kept checking back, kept seeing news on companies like T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile who are selling Nexus 4’s unlocked at a higher price. That doesn’t make sense. Finally, week 7 rolls around and the investigator in me comes out. What on this good earth is taking them so long to ship my device to me?!

Fighting For Answers

After a bit more research it turns out that there is a fencing match of statements and blog posts about said shortages.

Google’s UK director Dan Cobley posts on his Google+, advancing to beat LG, pointing to supplier troubles that are throttling the flow of Nexus 4’s to the market.

But wait, LG handily parries that there is no such problem with their supply for Nexus 4’s, instead, Google is at fault for not accurately gauging the market’s response to an excellent quality cheap phone.

The bout continues for days, blogs weighing in on the matter, the situation advances, appels and feints. Plus about 420+ comments on Dan Cobley’s Google+ page (seriously, check it out)

Then I sat back in my chair and thought to myself, “This is stupid, I want to get serious about finding more information about the Nexus 4.” So I Google’d Google’s contact information and sent an email. A response was prompt, informing me of how to clearly read my purchase email, to wait, and generally bug off. My words, not theirs. To which I replied, “I am aware of the estimated shipping time, I am curious what is taking so long to ship the unit to me when other companies like TMobile are receiving supplies that they are able to sell.”

Twelve hours later, guess what’s in the mail? Oh, you’re good! The Nexus 4, it’s slated to arrive today, just shy of the 8 weeks mark.

Moral of the Story?

So, maybe I could have waited another day, but it sure looks to my like Google took their grand old time till I pestered them a bit. How’s the moral, “Take initiative and contact the right person to solve the problem yourself instead of posting on Dan Cobley’s Google+.”

*Mic Drop*

P.S. I just got the Nexus 4 today while writing this review.  Expect a review of the Nexus 4 soon!