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Winning Putt: New Online Video Game is Fun & Innovative

Winning putt, bandai namco, mmo, online golf game

Winning Putt is a new free online golf game by Bandai Namco. If you have not tried it yet, more than likely you will find that the new online game is neat and nifty as well as fun to play. The game allows you to move from amateur status all the way up to pro ranking as you play on various courses with friends and anonymous challengers. The game has a seemingly endless array of features that maintain playability while the graphics are top quality.  Anyone who appreciates a good sports video game is sure to appreciate Winning Putt, and those who just want to play a fun video game of any type are also likely to appreciate it.

Winning Putt is a Winner

Games on the newest and most expensive video game systems may be a slight bit more advanced and perhaps easier to learn and become better at, but Winning Putt holds its own quite well. If you are a novice neophyte golfer, the game is easy enough to pick up and enjoy. Intermediate level players familiar with the game of golf will find that playing Winning Putt is not unlike the real thing. The Swing bar is the standard bar used in most video games, one click starts your shot, the next click determines power level, and the third click determines accuracy. The courses are much like real courses with water hazards, bunkers trees, sloping greens, and rough terrain.

The game features extensive character creation and the more you play the more experience points you gain, which increases your stats and earnings. Once you have earned gold, you can buy new clubs, clothes, and more. Winning Putt is also big on stats. Your longest drives, putts, and other things on individual holes are measured automatically. Each time you set a personal record, the game lets you know of your accomplishments. The game also features Stamina and Mentality meters that help determine your character’s performance. Performance also depends on the circumstances of individual shot difficulty and what types of shots you hit through the course of your round. For example, if you use/hit power and skill shots, your stamina meter level drops. You can replenish with virtual snack bars and the like with the earnings you have accumulated.

Winning putt, bandai namco, mmo, online golf game

Becoming a Good Player Takes Some Time

Initially your character skill level and equipment are not as capable as they would be after you have moved up in skill challenges, gained rankings, and upgraded to better performing equipment. This is something that other video games do not require or simply can be done faster. The other popular and realistic golf games like WGT have satellite imagery of real courses which is cool, but Winning Putt is realistic while still maintaining the arcade style of games such as Golden Tee Live. If you are not familiar with golf, you can learn how to recognize Tiger Woods’ putting skills but this game is pretty easy to jump into and try. If you are into golf video games, Winning Putt is definitely worth checking out.

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