Wgt world golf tour

World Golf Tour: High Quality Online Gaming Fun

If you’re a fan of Golden Tee, EA Sports PGA Tour, or simply love golf and sports video games, then you might want to check out what is perhaps the internet’s best kept secret when it comes to free online video games. WGT World Golf Tour is the free online golf video game that uses photo-realistic imagery of some of the most famous golf courses in the world to give gamers a virtual golfing experience in the comfort of their own home or perhaps at his or her office cubicle.

Besides being known as the #1 free golf game on the web by those already familiar with the game, WGT is, in the experience of playing, the most realistic of all the golf games and has unbeatable graphics of such famous courses as St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, and others. One of the coolest features that keeps the game interesting and engaging to players is the tournament competitions users can play in daily.

Wgt world golf tour

Starting out is a bit difficult as beginners must earn credits in order to buy better equipment. The beginner set of clubs hardly perform as well in comparison to the virtual equipment you can “buy” with your WGT credits. WGT Golf offers a range of virtual equipment by the manufacturers of real equipment in the real world. Credits can be used to purchase virtual equipment by Nike, Callaway, TaylorMade, Cleveland, Srixon, and Ping. The equipment ranges from beginner level to that of the Master Touring Professional. The best and most expensive Driver, for instance, will travel 60 yards further than the beginner clubs given, the TaylorMade R1 Super TP 9.0 White Driver can be purchased with 4,495 Credits while the cheapest beginner’s level individual driver costs a mere 50 credits.

Earning credits can be done by playing in competitions that reward top finishers, however some events cost credits to play in while others are free. Regardless, trying to compete with underperforming equipment can prove a bit frustrating. Sixty yards of longer distance makes quite a difference as does the accuracy and shot shaping ability that some clubs have that others do not. If you would rather not wait to earn credits, you can buy them and use the needed credits to purchase equipment and use towards competition “fees.” The website also provides a link to surveys that allow you to earn free credits by completing questionnaires about opinions of products and the like.

Everything WGT Has to Offer

The graphics give you the experience of being at the actual golf course that you have picked out to play. Meanwhile you can play on a handful of different courses individually just for fun, or enter in match and stroke play competitions against other players who are either playing at the same time or have already completed their round and posted their scores. You also can play with/against friends whenever your pals are online.

The game also has closest to pin competitions and sometimes winners of the game’s competitions have been rewarded such amazing prizes as all expenses paid holidays to various golfing resorts, gift cards for hundreds of dollars, real name brand quality golf clubs and golf accessories, sunglasses, U.S. Open tickets, and even a car.

Learning how to play the game is pretty easy too. The swing bar is simple and easy to use, as the bar moves one way in the back swing and the first click of your mouse controls distance and the second click of the mouse at impact controls accuracy and direction. You can also pick up tips in the game page’s regular forums as you use and become more accustomed to the site. The game provides distance measurements and grids that show green contours so you can produce the desired results from each shot. The wind strength and direction is also given so you can adjust accordingly with the overhead map and behind the virtual player view. For each hole a description is provided with the overhead map so that you know where to place your shots and strategize your approach according to the hole setup.

It’s Fun and Free

The game is fun, particularly if you enjoy the game of golf and are stuck inside on a rainy day. In contrast, games such as Golden Tee are designed in less realistic fashion but with perhaps the more entertaining playability of arcade style video games. WGT Golf is completely free of cost besides the option of purchasing credits and does not require any downloading that could use up your computer’s memory storage or put you at risk of catching computer viruses or unwanted spam associated with downloading from the internet. If you want the most realistic video game golfing experience, WGT.com is worth checking out and even those who just want to play a fun online video game are likely to appreciate all that WGT.com has to offer.

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