'stranger things' season 2

Netflix Says ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 is Happening

'stranger things' season 2

If you still lay in bed awake and unsettled about the insidious upside-down world from The Duffer Brothers original Netflix series, Stranger Things, then hopefully with the renewal of season two, the upside-down will become a little less obscure.

When the first season was released on July 15, Netflix bingers everywhere couldn’t get enough of the 80s genre film approach that added wonders to the supernatural science fiction series. Uncovering a strange world unbeknownst to Will, Mikey, Dustin, Caleb, and Joyce in season one, the shows creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, claim there is still a lot more to reveal about this dark and gloomy other dimension.

“We kind of hint about where we might go at the end of the season,” Matt Duffer tells the press at the 2016 Television Critics Association in July. “Will was living in this upside-down other dimension for about a week. The repercussions of that can’t be good. And the inter-dimensional rift–at least how we left it–is still very much open. So that also can’t be good. So it’s exploring that. We want to retain the tone,” Matt Duffer adds.

In 2017, the undeniably addictive horror series will return to Netflix with nine episodes to flesh out a ‘bigger and badder and darker’ sequel, says the shows producer, Dan Cohen. In an interview with Price Peterson, Cohen gives a little insight into what we could expect for the highly anticipated season two.

“We’ll be doing more, ” says Cohen, “than just a rehash of Season 1. We’re coming back with a few new characters, expanding storylines and mythologies, so it’ll feel like the stakes are raised and more is going on and really delivering on the promise and pushing for more.”

“[The Duffer Brothers] want it to be that great sequel that is satisfying and yet expands the world,” Cohen adds.

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It’s uncertain whether our favourite telekinetic, waffle-loving Eleven will appear in any of the nine episodes, however Cohen ensures that “you’re still going to feel the Spielberg, Carpenter, Stephen King references given that so many of these characters they inspired are still in the story.”

By the sounds of it, season two of this Netflix original sounds pretty promising which means that it’s probably best to start rearranging your schedule now, setting aside 9 hours, to watch the sequel in its binge-watching entirety.

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