Mind Cure Health Is Another Psychedelics Medicine Company

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The COVID-19 pandemic came as a shock to many organizations. Some closed down, others had to lay off their employees, while some had to limit the number of operational units. Even with these issues, there are organizations like Mind Cure Health Inc. that saw a great blessing in the middle of the pandemic.

Mind Cure Health has distinguished its operations as one of the leading mental health and wellness organizations that is fully dedicated towards reducing the effects of mental health crises experienced globally. The company has dedicated its value chain towards analyzing the potential of nootropic, psychoactive, and psychedelic compounds in the industry.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Mind Cure Health operates with the mission of identifying, developing, and vending chemicals that ease suffering among the mentally ill populations.


Mind Cure Products

Mind Cure Health Inc. has dedicated its operations in the processes of developing mental health and wellness products.  Since its inception, the organization has adopted the “Five Spheres” framework in its production processes to enhance its approach to mental health studies. The five sphere approach covers the company’s historical interests in psychedelic drug discoveries, psychedelic drug formulation, psychedelic researches, digital therapeutics and nootropics.

Mind Cure Health has a range of supplements that are produced with the aim of relaxing the mind and body, enhancing their consumers’ creative cognitive functions, enhancing the functional mechanisms of the immune system and general mental performance.

The formulations are produced using natural ingredients, with emphasis on the use of a range of functional mushrooms like the turkey tail, lion’s mane, and reishi. These products are meant to provide both healthy and natural solutions to the customer to help with anxiety, stress, and other elements.

Mind Cure and Progress on Products

In essence, Mind Cure Health seeks to enhance its products and value chain by rewriting the rules of the industry. The company puts into account both recent advancements in the mental health and wellness industry, technological advancements and literature findings that many avail sustainable solutions in the industry.

On February 18th 2021, Mind Cure Health announced that it had launched a range of adaptogen and nootropic products that are presently available on its e-commerce platforms. The adaptogen and nootropic formulations both come in capsule and powder forms. In particular Mind Cure Health has put massive investments to present its clients with formulations that come in capsule form.

Interested individuals can purchase Mind Cure Health products directly on their site at the present moment.

Revenue and Mind Cure Health

Mind Cure Health has maintained a strong financial position over the years. Earlier this year, the company had an equity raise of $23 million. The company considers its nootropic value chain and near-term revenues raised through its technological platforms as the key success elements in its operations.

The company has maintained a steady growth in its revenue position over the years. While Mind Cure Health’s recorded $740,000 worth of assets in August 2020, its asset base rose to $5.81 million in November 2020 and $24.72 million in February 2021.

The firm, Mind Cure Health, is now public, it listed at the .68 level before gradually declining to its current level of .35.

Mind Cure Health and Exciting News

Mind Cure Health has positioned itself as a company full of surprises particularly among its investor segments. The mental health and wellness firm has dedicated its operations towards enhancing its value chain with its latest moves.

On February 10th 2021, Mind Cure Health announced that it had closed a bought deal short form prospectus public offering. The company sought the services of Canaccord Genuity Corp as the underwriters. The deal was valued at $23 million.

Similarly, the company partnered with LUCID in its efforts to enhance its position in the technological sphere. The firm, with iSTRYM, has distinguished its position as one of the best digital platforms that fosters personalized, quantified and effective psychedelic therapy outcomes. The software is designed to present clients with data-driven assistance in their healing journey, while optimizing their therapeutic outcomes.

Another recent event is the firms letter of intent to acquire a stake in ATMA Journey Centers, a center that focuses on more holistic care.

These are a few of the interesting elements taking place with the company in the nascent psychedelics sector.



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