Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Release Date, Specs, and Rumors

Microsoft surface pro 4 specs, buzz, tech, rumors

When the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was released, its slogan announced that it was “The tablet that can replace your laptop.” This claim, which was actually fairly well delivered upon, put the Surface Pro 3 in pretty fair competition with Apple’s MacBooks. Since then, despite its high cost, the Pro 3 has been enjoying lucrative sales. Recently, rumors have arisen regarding the soon-to-come Surface Pro 4, the next generation of “laptop-replacing” tablets. These rumors say that the new Pro 4 will be an improvement, as most new Surfaces have been. Here’s the buzz.

Bigger and Better


The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was quite popular as a result of the impressive specs it managed to pack into a thin, twelve-inch frame, even if it did put a strain on customers’ wallets. The Surface 3 was released afterwards, and it, too, was popular for being better than its predecessors (and for having full Windows instead of RT). Since then, much has changed and advanced at Microsoft, which may in turn lead to an even better product.

As most are probably aware, Microsoft recently released its new operating system, Windows 10. The mass reaction has been mostly positive, except for complaints about the inevitable bugs and first-time issues. It’s probably safe to say that Microsoft has redeemed itself from the negativity surrounding Windows 8. Therefore, it only makes sense that the next generation of Surface Pro tablets should run Windows 10. Features such as Cortana, the Microsoft Edge web browser, and the face-scanning computer unlock system known as Windows Hello would likely be included.

So far, Microsoft has refrained from confirming or denying any rumors, so what follows is basically a bunch of educated guesses. One of these “educated guesses” is that Surface Pro 4 may have up to two more screen size options: a fourteen-inch model and a “Mini,” which would probably be around 8 inches. A fourteen-inch model would be an improvement on the tablet line, as it would put the Pro 4 on the level of increasingly-popular ultrabooks and two-in-ones in terms of screen size and performance. A “Mini” version would potentially fulfill the needs of Windows tablet users who want a Surface Pro tablet but don’t need it to be as fancy (or expensive) as the others. At this point, a fourteen-inch model is the most likely to happen.

The Pro 4 is expected to have at least 90 more minutes of battery life than its predecessor, bringing the total to 10 1/2 hours. It’s also expected to sport an improved processor, rumored to be either the new Intel “Broadwell” or “Skylake” chip. In terms of Internet connectivity, there may be a 4G LTE option. Once again, the Surface Pro 4 will be fanless, and will probably also be even thinner than the Pro 3 (how do they do that?). The RAM and flash storage should also be increasing from the already impressive amount in the Surface Pro 3, with unconfirmed rumors floating around of a potential 1 TB option.

Now granted, these are all rumors, but hopefully, Microsoft will deliver on them.

Could This Tablet Be the Next Big Thing?

With all of these impressive (rumored) specifications, the Surface Pro 4 might be in the lineup to be just as revolutionary as the Pro 3 was. And with a bunch of cool new tech under the hood, it is expected to once again compete with MacBooks and the upcoming iPad Pro. And maybe, if Microsoft pays attention to what their customers want, they’ll include the keyboard cover and stylus pen in the package, which would definitely increase their sales.

Microsoft seems to be responding to a high public demand for higher-quality, more advanced technology which is both cheap and easy to carry around. They appear to be subscribing to the idea that tablets are the future of the laptop, and they may well be right, especially if they keep up the work they’ve been doing. The Surface Pro 4 is expected to land in October, so keep your eyes open for it!

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