Meet Steve Kurtzke from The Underpresence | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Steve kurtzke of the underpresence paranormal show is coming to geek out virtual con 2020

Steve Kurtzke is a paranormal investigator and tech expert of the paranormal investigative show, The Underpresence.

He’s the guru behind the gear and his arsenal of ghost hunting equipment is ever growing.

His super high-tech equipment includes EMF meters, thermal cameras, a “spirit box,” EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recorders, laser equipment, and some old-school dowsing rods.

Steve kurtzke of the underpresence was at geek out virtual con 2020

A transplant from New Jersey, Steve resides in central Florida and works at NASA. In his spare time, he meets up with fellow co-stars, Chuck Fresh and Jake Estrada to film their paranormal series, The Underpresence.

Overview of Steve’s Ghost Hunting Equipment

In the following video, Steve uses the thermal camera to show proof that crystals hold energy and that the thermal camera is legit.

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