Underpresence is coming to geek out virtual con, chuck fresh, jake estrada

Meet Chuck Fresh, Author, Screen and Voice Actor with Indie Originals | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Chuck Fresh, a legendary DJ from Philadelphia, is the ultimate indie creator. Voice of Sirius XM Radio, with three music projects, 17 self-published books, his hands in several motion pictures, a paranormal television series, and an Indie creator podcast, Fresh often forgets what he had for breakfast this morning.

When he’s not busy creating, he is making noise and trying to generate the world’s largest indie creator community that he believes will be “the next major label, but without the BS.” Fresh has extensive experience in image and direct marketing.

Chuck fresh of indie originals is coming to geek out virtual con 2020

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Voice talent Chuck Fresh is an announcer featured on-air, in educational documentaries, audio books, movie trailers, radio and television commercials, on popular YouTube videos, and in corporate presentations. 

Creating the next major label – without the BS

More About Chuck Fresh

Underpresence is coming to geek out virtual con, chuck fresh, jake estrada

In addition to his incredible movie trailer voice and announcer voice, Fresh has been developing an entire stable of celebrity impersonations, character voices, video game voices, and animation voices. He’s also the lead singer in two bands! From the Voice of God to the Millennial next door, Chuck’s range blows minds. 

Chuck combined forces with Jake Estrada to launch productions like The Underpresence, a paranormal investigations team with made up characters but real encounters.


As a bonus – Fresh is a published author, a radio host, and an expert marketer with years of professional copy writing experience. He can help with scripts, thoughts, and words if you need that sort of thing. He’s a genuine guy who loves to bring out the best in creators.

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