Meet Irene P. Smith, Author of Dreams In Transit | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Irene p. Smith author is coming to geek out virtual con 2020

Irene P. Smith has been a writer who programs and a programmer who writes for most of her adult life.

As a writer, she has written programmer’s documentation for Microsoft Corporation, Google, and Mozilla where she was Firefox Developer Content Manager for MDN Web Docs.

Among her programming credits, Irene includes Casino Nights, Dice Games, and Solitaire.

Irene p. Smith author is coming to geek out virtual con 2020

A native of New York, Irene has been writing non-fiction since 1989 when she published an article about writing filters in interpreted BASIC for CodeWorks Magazine. That first sale was followed by a series of computer programming articles and reviews of software, programming books and tools, for magazines such as PC Hands On and PC Techniques.

Irene p. Smith author of dreams in transit

Dreams in Transit

Dreams in Transit is an eclectic collection of very short stories which include Fantasy, Science Fiction, and a few ghost stories. There are aliens, vampires, and even a pink flamingo.

Now, you might be wondering how does this all fall within one book? Well, consider that none of the stories are over 2,000 words and some are only a few hundred words long; perfectly crafted for a quick read when you’ve only minutes to spare.

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