MAXAR Technologies is Moving Forward with WorldLegion


Space based corporations like Maxar Technologies and Axiom are still thriving and pushing forward to meet their objectives. We recently touched on Maxar Technologies and what they are doing in our recent post. 

But we’re expecting more updates from this space-oriented company with their earnings call on 5/11/202 as well as progress on WorldLegion.

Now, WorldLegion sounds like its some scary artificial intelligence program that can watch you wherever you are. But it is far from that notion. Well, kind of.

Today, we’ll cover recent updates and happenings with Maxar Technologies starting with WorldLegion.

Here’s What You Need to know about WorldLegion

Satellite companies are seeing investor interest as more continue to come to the surface each day. Significant technology giants such as Facebook, Amazon, and others such as OneWeb and more entities continue to enter and exit the sector.

MAXAR has been around for some time and is now restructuring operations to stay lean and mean while deploying new initiatives like WorldLegion. 

But what is WorldLegion?

  • Next Generation Earth Imaging Constellation.
  • A legion of satellites in 2021 providing vast visibility of what is happening on planet Earth.
  • In-depth information to gather data and solve significant challenges present today.

The reason why worldview is compelling is that we live in a globalized world where access to the right information reigns supreme. That is why WorldLegion is pushing the satellite sector forward by bringing about features such as 15 revisits per day, higher accuracy, substantially improved resolution, with a breadth of new visual data collected each day.

That’s the primary reason, but who cares about this imagery and Earth Intelligence?

Investors, maps, governments, corporations, and logistics startups. Uber, Apple Amazon, and other behemoths in the logistics sector find immense value in the accuracy of map data. But fantastic precision and clarity in images matter for critical military missions and other industries as well.

Varied industries that can gain value from the WorldLegion initiative includes research institutes, the maritime sector, and others who would appreciate real-time visual data.

Further, the idea of MAXAR Technologies and its satellite constellation isn’t only to provide Earth Intelligence but also to offer interpretations and analytics on it. According to its site, it is “combining the most advanced geospatial analytics and expertise available with a continuous feed of current imagery, will equip customers with unrivaled insights and answers for a competitive edge.”

The world is moving fast, and that requires corporations to have data and actionable insights now, not tomorrow.

What’s interesting about the WorldLegion launch is that it is still on track despite the issues posed by COVID-19. MAXAR Technologies is interested in seeing the project through and is staying on track to launch a segment in the first half of 2021. It will deploy the second portion of the initiative in the second half of 2021.

The firm is working with companies such as Raytheon, and SpaceX, corporations that are very interested in pushing this initiative forward. It would mean better imagery and data collection at a lower cost.

Other MAXAR Updates

SecureWatch is another cloud-based geospatial intelligence platform under that Maxar umbrella that may see more growth. Institutions such as the Defence Geographic Agency of The Netherlands Ministry of Defence recently subscribed to this platform. One prior customer, Vulcan will continue to work with MAXAR.

Further, it might deepen its relationship with NASA with test demonstrations and Lunar Gateway Power Propulsion. The SPIDER robotics project alongside other NASA related missions indicates future collaboration and revenue potential.

It is also working with Intelsat to produce “Intelsat 40e, a geostationary communications satellite scheduled to launch in 2022.” 

The earnings report coming out on 5/11 is something to look out for to gauge results and new developments.

Stay tuned.

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