Mattereum Tech For Collectibles, Art & Luxury Goods is Live

London blockchain startup Mattereum’s revolutionary Asset Passports for asserting the digital identities of material assets have gone live, with authentication project Third Millennia leading the charge as first users.

Fully featured Mattereum Asset Passports backed up with legally binding smart contracts for several iconic items have gone live on the Ethereum mainnet.

These include collectible figures signed by legendary actor William Shatner valued at $10,000 each, a collectible model of a CryptoKitty produced by CryptoKaiju, a $500 bottle of wine, a contemporary art sculpture by Saatchi listed Calum Paterson, and an excavated bullet shell from WW1 found by Mattereum’s antiquities expert Dr James Hester on what was once a battlefield in France. The items are illustrative of markets worth trillions of dollars. Each Mattereum Asset Passport lets buyers or collectors activate warranties on the information about the object, for a fee in ETH, which promise a payout if proved false.

More on Matterum

Mattereum was established in 2017 by a team with a track record in designing and launching nation state-level infrastructure and headed by former Ethereum release coordinator Vinay Gupta. Its trans-disciplinary staff is building the foundation of the global Internet of Agreements, the next generation of digital commerce.

Mattereum CEO and former Ethereum launch co ordinator Vinay Gupta said: “We’re very excited to be launching the first product in the Ethereum space that is useful to the general public and has genuine real-world applications. For a while now the blockchain space has been full of world-changing ideas, but the industry has not yet seen the ‘crossover app’ which gets millions of daily users. We hope that by bringing the benefits of the blockchain to ordinary, everyday buying and selling, we can be that crossover app.”

The launch is an important step for Mattereum. Asset Passports will create solid digital identities for physical objects. This new technology will enable stronger assurance for the securitisation, collateralisation, and tokenisation of material items, as well as the management of these assets via smart contracts.

Mattereum’s first customer is Third Millennia Incorporated, which is revolutionizing authentication of real-world items. Co-founded by antiques and collectibles expert Paul Camuso and distinguished actor William Shatner, Third Millennia will utilise Matterem Asset Passports to securely establish authenticity and provenance for hundreds of items of memorabilia and collectibles, providing greater confidence when they are traded by investors, fans, and collectors.

About Third Millenia

Third Millennia Incorporated, a Delaware Corporation, is revolutionizing authentication of real world items. Co-founded by actor William Shatner, the company employs a blockchain technology which creates a ‘crypto-twin’ token of the item on the blockchain. This tokenization of the item provides a secure, unimpeachable, anti-counterfeiting solution to industries currently plagued by forgeries. The accompanying record and tagging of the item allows for permanent provenance and history of the object to be stored on the blockchain and allows the object to move through history while retaining its authenticity and value.

CEO of Third Millenia Paul Camuso said: “As the world of collectibles, art and luxury items gets broader, counterfeiters get better in reproducing very convincing copies for an unsuspecting public. Crypto tokens are one of the only technologies that are unable to be counterfeited. They provide an intriguing solution to combat counterfeiting. Third Millennia is poised to offer a very simple yet elegant solution using Blockchain technology to prevent counterfeiting and to offer consumers and manufacturers a way to ensure provenance and ownership. This technology will provide consumers peace of mind that they are buying genuine items and retaining the highest possible resale value”.

Added Vinay Gupta: “If the blockchain has a purpose, it is to help us better organise the world around us so that we can make the best and most responsible possible use of our planet’s finite resources and enable the best possible quality of life for everyone. Mattereum Asset Passports are a real step in this direction”.

Mattereum’s Managing Director Anton Shelupanov said: “The first Mattereum Asset Passports for the pilot assets are now live on the Ethereum mainnet. They are available for anyone to view: and they demonstrate how Mattereum’s revolutionary new technology proves the authenticity of valuable assets for customers”.

Mattereum Asset Passports will become a global digital identity standard used everywhere from online marketplaces to international trade deals. Major corporations, governments, and millions of individuals will join as customers to derive maximum value from the goods they trade using the Mattereum standard.

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