Traditional Vs. Cloud Computing Environments

Cloud vs traditional

Ready to learn more about the Cloud specifically as it relates to the Amazon Web Services environment?

Today, we’ll talk more about Cloud computing vs. your regular on-premise environment.

Amazon Cloud Services and On-Premises Environments

Flexibility and Scalability

One of the best aspects of Amazon Cloud Services is that it offers a wide range of flexibility. You don’t have to worry about the heavy tolls of infrastructure. Remember that before cloud environments, you had to deal with the physical infrastructure, obtain data centers, and maintain the right personnel that could handle related tasks. The flexibility doesn’t just come from the time savings related to potentially less investment in human capital. It also refers to the actual availability and services that you can avail from the cloud.

Instead of having to plan on adding more physical infrastructure, the Amazon cloud services let you scale as you need across the globe. Amazon has servers and data centers across the world, making infrastructure less of a hassle.

Flexibility also comes in the fact that you have a wide variety of services that you can utilize on the AWS console to simplify the overall infrastructure. Remember that amazon cloud services come with services such as application hosting, dynamic web hosting, cost-efficient data storage services, internal and external facing-IT applications, and of course, content delivery as well as scalable database solutions.

IT Assets as Provisioned Resources in Amazon Cloud Services

The main point here is that amazon cloud services are dynamic, you can build it out further as you go, instead of thinking about what you may need and overshooting or undershooting the ideal infrastructure. If you exceed, you have to expend resources that could have gone to something else and hope that you grow into it. If you undershoot, well, that’s creating a frantic situation for your team, and your customers, and your bottom line.

Simply said, Amazon Cloud Services helps you execute in real-time and grow as you need. That means fewer projections and more actions.

Less fixed and finite and more flexible and infinite.

That’s astounding and allows for a higher order of creation from a wide variety of players.

The significant boom in startups and web-oriented services took place because of the shift from on-premises to the cloud. Amazon Cloud Services allows you to test and gauge demand before investing significant resources into new ventures.

It is a paradigm shift that can bring about immense change for creators and consumers

Static Vs. Dynamic

We’ve transitioned to a highly dynamic environment where change happens quickly. Companies must learn how to quickly transform their work processes to ensure to keep up with the latest business shifts.

The dynamic infrastructure allows startups and growing enterprises to test and grow without worrying about old planning and investment processes.

You’re seeing a shift from more static and well defined processes to more agile one’s as more companies move to embrace change and survive in this new environment. Traditional vs. cloud services is just one part of this shift to creating and distributing value in a better way.

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