Bloodborne exclusive on ps4

Bloodborne Is a Blood Gushing, Gothic Paradise on PS4

Death after death, after death. Bloodborne’s formula works mainly on the principle of trial and error. From Software, the developer of the Dark Souls series and the equally loved stand alone title Demon Souls, are all built on this same scheme. When jumping into Bloodborne you will quickly learn that just like in real life, you are very fragile. The story fronts itself as a realm of dreams and an ongoing monstrosity that plots you the title of a Hunter, and hunt you will. The graphics run well on the PS4, especially since it’s an exclusive title- sorry Xbox lovers. You will traverse and creep through dark wet streets, keeping an eye to each and every corner. The reality of you getting ambushed will become more and more apparent as you play, so you learn your basic survival skills. Throughout this experience of trial an error, you will become better, almost your only option. Tread lightly and hold your sword close, be wary of danger while following your intuition. This is Bloodborne.

Exclusive bloodborne ps$ natural gas is the real killer
Mondays are always Rough

Live to Live Again

You will have to fine tune your dodging and abilities to strike a well timed attack. I myself did not have the added resume of playing the past few Dark Souls games. So death, after death I would have to learn attack patterns and work on my technique. Crafty usage of items and equipment upgrades will keep you just barely ahead of the competition, this game wasn’t meant to be easy-  I will stress that to you. There will be times that your controller will want to fly across the room, that’s right, all on it’s own. The game is frustrating and will go beyond its own means to test you. There has been a time where they literally lead you to pitfall, I thought there was treasure but I found nothing but death and sadness.

About death and sadness, when you die there is a little salt sprinkled on that wound. During gameplay you will accumulate points that will help you throughout the game- which is an understatement. Upon death, you lose these points and have to start all over. All your hard work has (almost) gone down the gutter. Blood echoes are the form of currency in the game which allow you to purchase new armor, weapons, and level up- basically you want this stuff. Everyone calm down, it’s okay. Once you die and respawn in this dream realm you will be given the opportunity to regain these blood echoes, throwing your fists in the air in redemption. The last enemy who gave you the business will now appear to have glowing blue eyes, that’s the one you want. Once defeating this unlucky sucker you will be rewarded back your blood shards, feel free to enjoy your travels throughout gothic paradise. Nothing could go wrong right? 

Let Me Tell You What It Feels Like to Defeat a Boss

You have become a well ventured Hunter, feeling as though you have a solid grip on the world and what’s going on around you. Suddenly you walk into a church, temple, or large a suspicious cult circle. Do you smell that? A bit fishy huh? So you proceed to walk forward, looking behind you occasionally, you’re nervous. Suddenly you walk upon a girl praying at an altar, she seems to be alone. Any horror film fan can figure a girl in a ripped up dress murmuring craziness to herself is not going to be a reputable figure. So you stop to ask directions, and there it begins, a boss battle. Just 3 seconds go by and that little girl has ruptured itself into a demon, and a big one. This is just an example of a luxurious day in Bloodborne.

The feeling you get when you finally defeat a boss is one that should be sold in a bottle behind some dumpster behind a 7-Eleven, by some guy who has a noticeable twitch. It’s amazing and addictive. When flattening these large beasts, the stress release is immense. They really prove themselves as challenges. There has been no game in the past 8 years that has made my heart beat like the boss battles in Bloodborne, it really is unique in comparison to other games out right now. The added challenge of the Chalice dungeons will continue to keep you busy, along with alternate endings which will leave you with an option of a new game+, do you dare? 

Bloodborne ps4- breath mints on standby.
Breath mints on Standby.

You Need This Game in Your Life

This game calls to try-hards across the globe. Week after week I have heard stories and legends of people beating the game at the lowest level, with the lowest character build. The bragging rights for this game have almost gotten out of hand, how can I compete with the guy who beat Dark Souls with a Rock Band drum set? The answer is I can’t, but I appreciate you believing in me. The game does well at presenting a story and building this dark grotesque environment. Blood gushing and werewolves with rugged fur lurking to your scent. Sluggish foes who lumber toward you to land a critical hit with a hammer, I hope you’ve been working on your reflexes.  The game and the universe is well styled, this game was definitely worth the wait. It sold well, so we can expect future DLC, just as speculation. I hope everyone reading has a PS4 because this game is so-so worth the money. If you are a true Hunter, find your wallet and look forward to making Bloodborne an experience you can tell your friends about. 


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