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The year 2021 has experienced a resurgence in ransomware attacks, mainly targeting the government, healthcare, and education sectors. Ransomware is simply a demand for ransom to unblock a file. Typically, attackers create malware and spread it through malicious websites or phishing emails. 

They use the malware to remotely control all the infected systems, block access to crucial files, and demand ransom. Get updates about ransom news, including the latest successful ransomware hacks. 

Latest Ransomware Hacks news.

Even before finding answers for the July attack, North American food manufacturer Atalanta experienced another ransomware hack on December 8, 2021. About five days before, Broward County School District unearthed details about a ransomware attack they had kept under wraps for about a year. The school board admitted that the incidence may have exposed staff and student data between November 2020 and March 2021. Much of the leaked data include the self-insured health plan, personal names, social security numbers, and benefits selection. 

Analysts associate this year’s ransomware boom with affiliate schemes that pay cybercriminals for every successful attack.  

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