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Top Shark Tank Products

The ABC’s “Shark Tank” show premiered in 2009 allowing entrepreneurs and investors to pitch their products to the investors referred to as the “Sharks.” These sharks evaluate every product and determine whether to invest their money. The show has seen great ideas that needed just a wealthy investor to become a megaproject. Below is a list of the most successful products in Shark Tank.


The company’s co-founders Randy Goldberg and David Heath noted a high demand for socks at homeless shelters. They received a 17% stake worth $200,000 from Daymond John, FUBU founder. So far, Bomas has added T-shirts into its product line and has attained $225 million in sales. 

Scrub Daddy

The company specializes in reusable sponges designed to quickly was utensils. Before Shark Tank, the company had $100,000 in sales, and Lori Greiner’s 25% stake saw the sales skyrocket to $209 million. 

Squatty Potty

The personal care company is famous for a toilet stool that promotes bowel movements. Lori Greiner committed a 10% stake at $350,000, helping Squatty Potty garner an overall lifetime sale of $165 million.

Simply Fit Board

The company makes exercise boards where you can stand and twist. It presented the ideas on the Shark Tank show and Lori Greiner committed a 20% stake at $125,000. Within 24 hours after the show, Simply Fit Board had raked in 1.3 million and now stands at $1160 million in sales.


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