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How To Quickly Calculate a Tip

Tipping is a standard practice whenever you’re dining out. Although you are expected to tip your server when at a restaurant, you should calculate the amount you wish to tip. This guide provides various methods to calculate your tip. 

Calculate Tip by Changing Decimal Place and Rounding Up. 

  1. Find your pretax bill. We’ll use $86.59 for this example.
  2. Move the decimal place once to the left to make it $8.65.
  3. Round up the number to the nearest tenth (first number after the decimal). $8.65 would become $8.7.
  4. Double the number. (8.7 + 8.7= 17.4). You would tip $17.4, 20% of the total bill. 

Calculate Tip by Doubling the Tax

  1. Determine your total bill tax. We’ll use $7.52 as your tax.
  2. Round the tax up to the nearest dollar. For example, $7.52 would become $8.
  3. Double the result. (8+8=16). $16 would be your bill’s total tip, which is roughly 15% to 19%.

How To Determine Whether and When to Tip

The expected tip in a restaurant is between 15% to 20% of your bill. However, you can consider leaving a larger tip if your server went to greater extents while providing the service. Nonetheless, you should always leave a tip even if the service was not quite up to par. 

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