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Jason Momoa Super Bowl Commercial Broke Lady Geek Hearts Everywhere

While I was a definitive football fan in my younger days, it’s sort of a legal requirement for growing up in Texas, I have grown out of it over the past couple of (decades) years. That being said, I DO still enjoy a good game and while I generally tend to lean more towards college games these days, last night’s Super Bowl did not disappoint.

Unless you’re a Jason Momoa fan.

While the second half of the game itself was certainly entertaining, which was a pleasant surprise, of course the MVP for many viewers were the highly anticipated commercials. In case you missed them, we saw a Baby Peanut, a preview of upcoming Disney+ shows, Sam Elliott (and his mustache) get down in a dance off, Bill Murray reunite with some old friends, and Jason Momoa stripping down.

Trust me ladies… it’s not the striptease you’ve been dreaming about.

Of course there were plenty that at least garnered a chuckle from me, here are the top Super Bowl commercials 2020 in my opinion.

Disney+ Reveal

While not necessarily “funny,” the WandaVision snips make it look like it’s going to be a hoot and a half and of course Loki steals the spotlight just as he does in every scene he appears in in the Avengers movies.

Personally speaking, Loki, WandaVision, and Falcon & Winter Soldier better arrive pretty quick. Without the influx of new shows I’m afraid my subscription will have to go on hold until there is more content that I don’t already own.

A Legume Reincarnation

In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago our old friends Wesley Snipes and Mr. Peanut were in a shell-shattering accident that saw the monocled one sacrifice himself for the sake of others.

As a followup, Planters allowed us a somber view into his funeral, complete with multiple celebrities in attendance. As the proceedings draw to a close, we find out that all is not what it seems.

A Classic Return

I have to admit that I probably enjoyed this one a little too much. While it’s a Jeep commercial, they did such a great job taking us back to Groundhog Day and the fun of that movie that as opposed to making me want a new Jeep, it made me want to watch the classic movie again.

Sam Elliott vs Lil Nas X

For me, this one beats out Baby Peanut as the cutest commercial. While millions of women find Mr Elliott’s voice to be intoxicating (to say the least), the dance skills he displays in this Doritos Super Bowl commercial may get their motors running even more.

Jason Momoa Strips

This Super Bowl commercial may go down in history as the worst striptease in history. Jason arrives home, driving past a crowd of paparazzi, and immediately begins undressing. Unfortunately for women everywhere, he reveals just a little too much.

Got a favorite that I missed? Tell us about it and share a link if you can, and be sure to tell us which of the above you liked the most.



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