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Enterprise Tech Trends to Watch in 2020

The truth is that enterprise tech and general technology has redefined big business as we know it. From cloud connectivity to audience perception, and from exceptional marketing features to digital assistance, technological innovations have changed enterprise for the better.

But given that business tech is not a stagnant sector, latest innovations are likely to keep changing the face of the industry. To see what kind of advancements should we look out for in the near future, here are the top enterprise tech trends that will be a big hit in 2020.

Blockchain Technology Will Stay

It wasn’t so long ago that Bitcoin’s legendary rise in value became the talk of the (to jog your memory, it was just in back in 2017).

While the hype around cryptocurrency has died down since then, the interest around its underlying mechanism, blockchain technology, has only continued to grow further.

Today, blockchain technology holds vested interests from a variety of sectors. The enterprise tech is present in banks like JPMorgan Chase to pharmaceuticals such as Merck, and from retail chains like Walmart to ecommerce conglomerates such as Amazon. Enterprises are heavily investing in the technology and what it brings brings to the table in terms of efficiency, security, and functionality.

Many experts believe that blockchain will play an integral role in enterprise tech in 2020. Some of the sectors that are expected to get the most benefits out of this trend are data security, financial services, and supply chain. But with the evolving use of the technology, more and more companies are hopeful to improve their operations through it.

Artificial Intelligence Will See Further Advancements

Whether you use Amazon Echo or Google Assistant, Apple Siri or Google’s Voice Search, you are already benefiting from artificial intelligence (AI) on a daily basis.

The business sector is also doing all it can to leverage AI in a feasible way.

We also know that more companies are trying to handle a majority of their data processing, assessment, and management through AI. As a result, chatbots, voice assistants, as well as big data analysis tools are becoming all the rage.

This trend is likely to continue into 2020, where AI is set to become a part of usual business practices as well as advanced tools such as cybersecurity applications.

Automation Will Rise in Use

Thanks to automated production lines and specialty robots who work on them, automation has already become a big part of enterprise operations.

But 2020 is set to bring some more advancements in the sector. We will see an emphasis on using robotic process automation (RPA) in more than simple production lines.

Due to the advantages that the technology brings to the table, RPA can make any business department noticeably more efficient.

The technology is now set to improve logistics for applicable businesses. At the same time, it is also working in the sectors of human resources, finance, recruitment, and customer services to help enterprises make the most out of their operations.

These trends are just a few of the technologies that are set to be a big hit in 2020. We might even see more types of tech coming soon as the year moves forward.

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