HTC Handed out $100 Coupons and Hot Drinks at Galaxy S4 Launch Event

Back in the day, Apple was the only company to grab a lot of attention for its events. Well, for the past couple of years, Samsung has been able to generate the same amount of attention for its Galaxy line of devices. Although, this time at the launch of Galaxy S4 in NYC, competitors tried to steal Samsung’s thunder by using some of the same advertising methods, and even showing up at the event.

For the Galaxy S4 event in New York, Apple’s executive gave interviews, LG tried to demean the Galaxy S4’s launch by using advertising in Times Square, but HTC did something even more interesting. HTC tried to bribe some people, along with the press, who showed up for the Galaxy S4 launch. HTC sent a marketing team to the event to divert Galaxy fans, and grab some attention for their own devices. They tried to lure the long queue of press reps outside the event hall.

HTC doesn’t want people to buy the latest Galaxy S4, of course they don’t; what they want is for consumers to to go for their recently launched, flagship phone, the HTC One instead. The marketing reps for HTC tried to steal Galaxy S4 fans, by offering hot drinks, but more importantly, offering $100 coupons – you read that right, $100!

It is actually quite a bold move by HTC, and one that has indeed garnered a lot of attention. Generating the most buzz, besides sending beautiful young women with hot drinks, was the $100 coupons. Each coupon guarantees $100 in value, for any existing handset, as long as you are willing to trade it in for an HTC One.

Therefore, if anyone left the Unpacked Event disappointed by the latest Galaxy S4, they had an option to buy a shiny new HTC One; and best of all, save a hundred bucks on it as well!

HTC’s move might just be the beginning; chances are big tech companies will resort to the same type of marketing strategies in the future. As smartphones become more and more similar, so will the marketing campaigns or strategies. Samsung has just bumped up the Galaxy S3 in terms of features, mostly on software. There’s little one can do in terms of innovation every 12 months, after all. In the future, smartphone choices will come down to better design and cheaper pricing for individuals.

The HTC One trade program will be effective until April 4. So, if you’re looking for a better price on a smartphone, then this offer might be the best option for you. Just trade in your old phone and get a shiny new all-aluminium unibody HTC One, and save $100 – that’s got to be the best deal for a handset so far.

What are your thoughts on this type of marketing? Do you think it will bring in more sales for HTC? Which phone would you prefer? Let us know.