How To Set Up a Cyber Security Checklist

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The world is moving from physical to digital. This presents a wide variety of opportunities for many organizations. At the same time, it creates opportunities for those who have malicious intent. We are seeing how firms that range from Airbnb to Uber and more open up access and bring about disruption in society.

These firms help individuals get from one place to the other and stay at various spaces around the world. These are merely some examples of the new firms that have come around, saw opportunity, and spent a decade or more becoming fully fledged companies.

They came about due to technology, growth, and overall shifts in behaviors by people in the present world. Of course, we do know that finance, macroeconomics, and other elements have had a crucial role to play at a more fundamental level in helping to spur more activity.

But while more firms are becoming technology oriented, and others transforming to become more lean and technology driven, we see different hackers take advantage of these situations.

Even though technology has made our lives easy, it has made us vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Of course, the risks are real involving malware, phishing, hacking, or even human error by employees. Did you know, the 2019 data breach report shows over 43% of websites fell victim to data beaches. Yes, the number is alarming.

Due to the pandemic today, thousands of businesses run online. And this gives the hackers a chance to invade easily. However, there are simple cyber security tactics you can use to protect your business from cyber criminals.  

Four Easy Ways You Can Set Up A Cyber Security Checklist

Without any further ado, let us take a look at the comprehensive cyber security checklist.

#1. Create Employee Awareness Seminars

Employees are one of the biggest threats to put the business at risk. Of course, even though it is done deliberately, it’s highly essential to give awareness to employees about cyber security. Over 40% of data breaches in small businesses have employees reported in them. 

The awareness seminar should highlight the following points:

  • How to set strong passwords
  • How to stay protected against phishing
  • How to identify malware

#2. Limit Employee Access

As a necessary precaution, limit the employee access where needed. Access to data, software, and systems should only be given to them in their role to reduce the chance of cyber crime. 

#3. Ensure Secure Data Storage

If you have stored all your data on a single computer, make sure to have on-site security. Safeguard your hardware with locks and keys to protect the locally stored information. Additionally, you should keep multiple recovery options to restore your information. Create a backup and store it securely. 

#4. Protection of Emails

Mostly, emails are an effective weapon to phishing malware to private and company computers. And for this purpose, make sure your employees use corporate-protected mails only. Limit them from using their email ids for work-related information. Furthermore, install the best anti-virus programs in your system to block unwanted emails. 

Cybersecurity is More Critical These Days

To sum it up, using cybersecurity is the best you can do to protect your assets. It not only limits cybercriminals from invading but by continuous monitoring, you can detect suspicious activity. 

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