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What is H2Pro?

H2Pro is an Israeli green hydrogen startup that is here to add its respective contribution to sustainability. The Israeli firm seeks to bring about cost-effective green hydrogen and help present a cleaner energy solution. This firm, in addition to other startups will be critical as more talks revolve around sustainability and changing the current energy infrastructure. There seems to be more concern around climate change and more solutions. These solutions range from more implementation of solar energy projects, blue hydrogen projects, wind projects, and an increase in interest in nuclear energy projects as well.

Let’s find out more about H2Pro and how it seeks to contribute to this changing energy infrastructure picture.

Why is H2Pro Interesting?

H2Pro is intriguing because it seeks to be more efficient. At the present moment, electrolysis methods for producing hydrogen can lose over 20 percent of the electrical power that goes into it. The issue is that the lost power is a part of slippage that reduces efficiency.

Now, if you are not aware of electrolysis, remember that it is a process that utilizes direct electric current to push forward a chemical reaction that requires external energy. This process is quite critical in the initial stage concerning the removal of elements from a organically present origination point.

The Israeli firm, H2Pro notes that it has a solution to this specific problem as it present a vastly varied technology product. It notes that it can increase efficiency and will only lose less than 5% at a high level. Again, it says that it can increase efficiency vastly and only have a bit of power leakage.

If the firm can provide this option at scale, it would help to provide a cleaner fuel to sectors like the shipping industry.  Green ammonia, the fuel that one can derive from green hydrogen can present a much more compelling source of fuel.


When Did H2Pro Start?

H2Pro started in 2019 as several scientists came together from the IIT to present a solution to this specific problem. This fascinating technology will separate water into 2 phases. It will create hydrogen gas, further, it will then produce oxygen gas, in the same area.

These scientists saw that present systems necessitate more investment due to its requirement of frangible membrane betwixt the sides of the cell, but this specific sequence does not require it. Further, it is intriguing because it can have power initiation from different power origination points. This will be critical when thinking about other renewable energy power sources.


H2Pro Proposes a Better Way

The firm states that it brings higher efficiency and lower costs. If it were to do so at scale, it could drastically reduce the overall cost of green hydrogen production to lower than $1.50 per kilo in about a decade. That drastic reduction in cost, if done correctly, can help provide another way to provide clean fuel to power operations.

Yet, there is an issue here. The primary problem is that it must be able to do so at scale and not on a small level.

Investors such as Bill Gates via Breakthrough Energy Ventures, New Fortress Energy, and other backers are expecting this firm to scale up production from 100 grams to 1 kilo daily. Is one kilo a day a leap forward? At the present moment, yes. How much do we need to power operations everywhere? Quite a bit more.







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