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How To Access PlayStation Mobile On Any Android Device

by Dilawer Soomro

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If you own a PlayStation Certified device then you’re lucky, but that’s nothing to brag about, honestly. Although, if you don’t have a PS certified device and desperately want one, well in that case you’re in luck. Today, we show you a way to make any Android device PlayStation certified, and able to run the PlayStation Marketplace. Officially PlayStation certified devices have been an exclusive to Sony and a select bunch of HTC devices as well, but modders over at XDA Forums worked hard, day and night to make sure that everyone with an Android device is able to enjoy the benefits of PSM.

However, there’s a catch, you need a ROOTED device for this purpose, so If you haven’t already rooted your device then you should either explore the XDA Forums for instructions on how-to do so; or just keep calm and ignore the PlayStation Marketplace.

XDA’s senior member NOMIOMI, compiled a list of files and mods to give just about anyone with an Android device access to PSM and enjoy the content offered. All you need is a rooted device with custom recovery installed, the PlayStation mobile app and other extra files for the mod that you’ll find on the Official Thread.

Step 1 – Download the PSM APK (Link in Thread)
Step 2 – Download Flashable zip package (Link in Thread)
Step 3 – Copy a couple of files and set permissions (As Shown in Thread)

This is just to show you how simple the steps actually are. Follow the steps in the thread carefully and you’ll be good to go. Don’t come back crying to us if you break anything. (Just kidding! you can always come to us we’ll try our best to fix it, together). This method has been reported to work on almost all devices including Samsung, HTC, and ASUS.

Do let us know if it works for you, or even if it doesn’t.

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