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Hip Hop Legends & Twitch Streamers to Face Off in Live Chess Battle 10/10

Hip-hop legends RZA and GZA are going toe-to-toe in a first-of-its-kind chess battle against the new school – Twitch streamers – this weekend, Oct 10. Wanted to see if interested in speaking to them this week prior to the event? More below. 

On National Chess Day (10/10), Hennessy and will host a first ever charity experience grounded in chess, Hennessy Presents: Make Your MoveMaurice Ashley, the first Black chess grandmaster and face of this year’s Hennessy Wild Rabbit campaign, will host the experience, challenging celebrities for streamed matches that benefit Hennessy’s Unfinished Business, a new initiative supporting minority small business owners. 

The tournament will follow a “blitz game” format with all the trash talk, culminating in a final match where the remaining player faces off against the legend, Maurice Ashley. This cultural experience will be streamed via’s Twitch channel, reaching the largest chess community on the world’s #1 gaming site. 

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