Chicago Area Kevin Smith Fans Rejoice – Mooby’s is Coming… Sort of

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WHAT: MOOBY’S mooooves to the Midwest!
WHEN: Friday, 10/30 – Friday, 11/6, 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily
WHERE: Saint Lou’s Assembly, 664 W. Lake St., Chicago, IL
DETAILS: Saint Lou’s Assembly will be dressing up as Mooby’s for its favorite Halloween tradition! Get a taste of the action with their classic Mooby’s menu items such as the Cow Tipper, Cocksmoker, Hater Totz, Onion Rings To Rule Them All, and more, plus vegan options as well. In addition, this stop will include a Chicago-exclusive cocktail menu by MONEYGUN Beverage Director Donavan Mitchem. Guests can expect familiar photo moments from the world of Kevin Smith films, along with a pop-up shop selling exclusive merch from Kevin’s “Secret Stash” store. Tickets go on sale Thursday, 10/15 at 11 a.m. CST, sign-up through their website at to get access.

BONUS EVENT: 21 years after Dogma, JAY & SILENT BOB are still searching for Shermer, Illinois! So they’re coming to the McHenry Outdoor Theater on November 1st to GET OLD IN ILLINOIS! Join Kevin and Jason Mewes as they mask up and make merry in McHenry! Chica-GO for tickets:

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