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High-Tech Ideas for Your Wedding

Technology is making it tremendously easy to create a modern wedding to remember. Artificial intelligence, robot learning, alternative energy, wearables, and the OIT (internet of things) are all blazing trails in the business world and have resulted in the best wedding technology wow your wedding guests.

Here are 8 ways tech is changing the landscape of weddings.

High-Tech Ideas for Your Wedding

Drone Photography:

The most common form of modern technology used for weddings are drones. This wedding tech introduces a whole new world of photo ops, enabling the happy couple to capture the moment from never-before-seen angles and distances. Modern lenses offer amazing quality so you’ll come out crystal clear even from a mile away.

Mordern wedding tech
Take your drone tech party ideas a step further by using drones to carry the bride’s wedding gown train, making it appear as if she’s floating down the aisle.


Take your drone tech party ideas a step further by using drones to carry the bride’s wedding gown train, making it appear as if she’s floating down the aisle.

POV Memories:

Sticking with the camera theme, GoPros have gotten very small and extremely high in quality. Tuck a few of these tiny wonders inside of the groom’s boutonniere, the bride’s bouquet or a few members of the wedding party and film away. The best wedding ideas allow you to relive the moment time and time again, making this one of the best hi-tech options out there.

Couple this with a Smartwatch or other wearable that tracks your heart rate, and overlay your physical excitement over the day’s events for a truly immersive experience.

Robot Servers:

What’s better than a signature wedding drink? A robot who pours! If you’re planning on a high tech theme, you have to check these guys out. They pour accurately, they’re entertaining to watch, and some of them even dance. The best part, they never water down your drink!

Let There Be Lights:

When you think about wedding technology you’d be forgiven if you didn’t instantly think of lighting. But, this industry has enjoyed its fair share of innovation to the point where you can now program and project basically anything. Speak with a lighting technician and discover wedding projector ideas like how you can project photographs, animation, and other special effects on your wedding cake or dance floor.

Lifesize Insta:

Everyone loves playing with Instagram filters. New wedding ideas involve a great deal of similar technology inside the beloved photobooth. Your guests will adore interactive wedding ideas like holograph selfie tech merged with gifs, animations, loops, and boomerangs. With all of the built-in social sharing, you may not even need a traditional photographer.

Social Organization:

Many couples view wedding planning as a chore but with all of the emerging social tools it’s become completely fun. It’s a breeze to create an entire website dedicated to your wedding. You can incorporate your wedding hashtag, social sharing, gift registry, and wedding photo album all in one place while allowing your guests to use the social media of their choice.

You can even provide tablets to replace the traditional guest book, allowing them to leave photos and messages that will last a lifetime.

At-Home Destination:

Technology has expanded everyone’s neighborhood making it easy to make friends all across the world. Some of those friends may not be able to attend your wedding in person, but modern tech party ideas ensure that they won’t miss a moment of romance. There’s no shortage of software that allows guests from all over the world to participate in your vows and celebration.

But that’s just the beginning. Apps like WebWed allow brides and grooms to legally tie the knot from anywhere the Wifi is strong. This is the perfect tech for couples who feel like the vegas shotgun approach is too slow.

DIY Wedding Favors:

Although hand-crafting gifts for the friends and family that attend your ceremony and reception is nothing new, 3d printed wedding favors are a whole new way to craft them. Purchasing a 3D printer may be cost-prohibitive right now, but since the advent of the technology more and more print shops are offering 3D services making things fairly affordable.’

You need wedding tech


Today’s wedding tech is amazing, and it’s only going to get better. Traditions have their place, but don’t be shy about breaking new ground and discovering new ways to celebrate and capture your moments.

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