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Best Gambling Related TV Shows

Gambling is one of the world’s favourite past times. Whether it is playing online at PartyCasino or visiting a land based venue, you’re sure to have a fantastic time. Therefore, it is not surprising to learn that even when people aren’t gambling, they can be found checking out TV shows about it. This has led to several shows incorporating gambling scenes, and we have listed a few below that every gambler should enjoy.


Tilt is a fictional US drama TV show which centres on the World Championship of Poker tournament. The fictional event takes place in Las Vegas and sees a team of professional poker players team up to beat Don “The Matador” Everest, a legend on the circuit. Each of the players on the team has their reasons for wanting to get the better of The Matador, but he’s a prolific cheat, who will bend the rules to make sure he’s the one walking away as the winner.


Dice is a TV mini-series which is the perfect watch for anyone with a keen interest in gambling. Patrick Styvesant, a detective, played by Martin Cummins, is investigating his young cousin’s death, which is a suspected murder. During his investigation, he crosses paths with some local undesirables, and this sees him come across what are known as “dicing sessions”. More lives skid off the tracks along the way, and Styvesant becomes somewhat obsessed with hunting his cousin’s killer.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a comedy-drama set in, you guessed it, Sin City. Rather than focus on the gamblers or gaming directly, Las Vegas is about the people working behind the scenes at the fictional Montecito Resort and Casino. They oversee everything, monitoring all the goings-on in the venue. From keeping an eye out for cheaters looking to get one over on the casino to protecting big winners, Las Vegas is surveillance themed TV at its best. With the likes of James Caan and Josh Duhamel starring, it’s one of the top gambling-related shows out there.

The System (Derren Brown)

Derren Brown is a world famous mentalist and illusionist. Reportedly banned from multiple casinos around the UK and beyond, due to his card counting ability, Brown regularly makes use of gambling in his TV shows. One of the most exciting episodes by Derren Brown is called The System, and it sees him create a betting system that cannot lose. Khadisha, a member of the public, puts Brown’s method to the test, winning five bets in a row. It’s a gripping and exciting show. And, a must-watch.

The four TV shows above represent some of the best television to watch for every person who enjoys taking a punt or has an interest in gambling. All of these shows will definitely provide the excitement, incredible highs and the edge of your seat action everyone craves. 

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