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Here’s Why You’ll Love the Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speakers

If you are looking for unique-looking and incredibly loud speakers,  the Marshall Stockwell II portable Bluetooth speakers might be the best choice for you.

This might come as a surprise for some, but Marshall has a complete line of Bluetooth speakers alongside its world-famous guitar amplifiers. Let’s have a quick look at this Bluetooth speaker’s design and functions to see what the hype is all about!

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The Marshall Stockwell Design 

The Marshall Stockwell II speakers come with a guitar inspired leather strap with a red interior. It can be attached to the speakers for carrying them around. The color and overall design give it a premium feel. 

You will also notice that the overall size of this speaker is much smaller than its competitors. 

The metal mesh on the front and the back of the speaker does not just look good but also protects the drivers inside the body of the speaker. 

The silicone texture helps provide the users with a firmer grip on the speakers. The IP4 rating of the Marshall speakers makes it water-proof, which means you can take it with you to parties and beaches without having to worry about anything. 

On the side, you will find a USB Type-C port.

Marshall Stockwell and Performance 

The three nobs on the top of the speaker help the users to adjust volume, bass, and treble. There is also a battery level indicator right beside the treble nob, which again,  is unlike the usual indicators present on the market. 

However, there are no pause, play, or replay buttons on the speaker. 

It also offers around 20 hours of battery time, which is incredible. 

Next, Marshall uses Bluetooth 5.0 in these speakers, which is the latest Bluetooth version. The signals do not drop frequently, and you will find that you won’t face any syncing issues as well. 

But there’s more, this speaker also allows the pairing of two devices at a time. 

Now, when thinking about the audio, Marshall claims to provide 360-degree audio in this speaker. If you want to play the speakers in a small or medium-sized room, remember that the volume at 70 is quite room-filling. 

The bass offered by these speakers is clean, clear, and punchy. 

The resonance can be heard even from a distance. 

Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth Speakers Verdict 

The current price of the Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth speakers is $175.32.

 It misses some features such as LED lights and play/ pause/ replay buttons but delivers amazing sound quality. 

The aesthetic design and color give a premium feel, and thank’s to the fact it is very lightweight, you can carry it around anywhere. 

It is a respectable brand is now on sale for over 30% of the initial price of the product. It can serve as a great gift for your family or friends. They’ll appreciate it much like others who’ve gotten the Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth speakers.

Overall, it provide great omnidirectional sound quality to hear music, has fantastic battery life, and will hold its own when it comes to charge. Others who’ve purchased these Marshall speakers appreciate the bass and treble knobs as they provide the right changes without bothering your ears.


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