Gift Astronaut Food to Your Family This Holiday Season

Everyone wishes to be an astronaut until they know that astronauts cannot make anything using salt, pepper, bread, and even ice cream in space. Being an astronaut is not as fun as we think it is, so isn’t it better to create a space-like environment on our very own earth?

Well, at least to have a taste of what that off earth experience would be like?

If you have family members who love space and cannot stop talking about it, astronaut food might be the best thing you can give them this holiday season. It would be a dream come true, and oh, their excitement would be quite certainly worth it!

Here is why Astronaut food can be a perfect holiday gift for your loved ones.

Ready to Eat 

Like we mentioned above, astronauts can not really cook everything from scratch. They do not need plates for eating, and so astronaut food can be eaten right after taking it out from the wrapper. Further, if you are eating astronaut ice cream, there is no need to put it in refrigerators. It can maintain both its shape and taste at room temperature.


The water-based foods that are given to astronauts go through an extensive process of dehydration, which makes them extremely lightweight to eat. Generally, astronaut food is gluten-free, so it is a healthy option for everyone. It also has a balanced amount of nutrients, which means you do not have to worry about eating anything else after it.

Some food is partially dehydrated, while some foods are completely dehydrated. It also prevents them from spoiling. This means that if your astrophile friends or family members do not want to eat it instantly, they can keep it for as long as two years or more in some cases.

This also makes it perfect for traveling, hiking, camping, and even space themed parties.

Astronauts Eat It!

If your friends want to experience life in space, it certainly cannot be not done without astronaut food. To be frank, this is one of the main and simple ways to experience life in space. Sure, you can try to hop on a Virgin Galactic flight, but when is that going to happen?

Even then, you’d have to cough up over $50,000 experience a bit of space on a Virgin Galactic flight, and you may not have that much laying around.

Astronaut foods offer a wide range of options to choose from, including pasta, fruits, nuts, juices, lemonades, tea, ice cream sandwiches, brownies, and even chicken.

You can also make it more interesting by gifting your friends, family members, and other three complete meals of astronaut food so they can enjoy the menu similar to NASA astronauts.


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