Here’s A Bunch of Geeky Stuff That You Need in Your Home

Totoro sleeping bag bed, geeky stuff for your house

Star Wars Mirror Set

Death star mirror from think geek

This set from ThinkGeek comes with one large mirror (the Death Star), five smaller mirrors (4 tie fighters), and one other mirror (TIE advanced) that you can hang on your wall. This is perfect for any Star Wars fan. Imagine living in the galaxy far, far away every day.

Nintendo Controller Table

Nintendo controller table on etsy

Not only is this table made of beautiful wood, it is fully FUNCTIONAL. Sadly, the table is very pricy at $6,000. There are definitely some comparable and more affordable versions, but this one is so beautiful we just had to share. The table is compatible with Nintendo NES and made from maple, mahogany, and walnut with dovetail joinery and mid-century modern legs.

Totoro Sleeping Bag Bed

Totoro sleeping bag bed

Based off the extremely popular animated film, Totoro, this sleeping bag/bed is designed for children, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy it as well (there is a double version available, btw). Now you can hang out with your favorite neighbor any time of the day.

Captain Kirk Chair

Captain kirk chair in your own home

You can boldly go where none have gone before in this commanding chair. While it is not functioning as anything other than a chair, it is perfect conversation piece for the ultimate Star Trek fan. And you would have to be a long time fan, since the chair is based on the television series and not the latest films.

Gaming Dice Set

Gaming dice soap from thinkgeek

D20, d8, and d10 shaped soap die! But wait, there are actual dice in each one, so you can always be prepared. These soaps are not only useful, but good for the environment. They’re biodegradable, made from food grade oils, gluten and soy free, and most importantly – no animal testing.

A TARDIS Wardrobe

Tardis canvas wardrobe

Where else can you hang your hat after a long day of traveling through time? While it might be a little small for an adult and it’s not made of wood, this wardrobe is perfect for anyone who wants to pretend they own a screwdriver. 

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