Google’s Incognito Rise to Power

Google’s Supremacy?

To describe Google as the technological Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde in today’s day and age is an understatement. The 2nd commandment in Google’s Philosophy is as states, “It’s best to do one thing really, really well,” which is why such a metaphor is too subtle, Google closer resembles the troubled hero Batman (bear with me). To the people of Gotham City, Batman was their lone savior and shining hope but in the effort towards mass progression he reconstructed public perception as a vigilante, the way he strives to do right by way of wrongful processes.

Google’s evolution seems quite familiar. Their masterful search engine attracts 173,003 monthly unique visitors but their growing expertise doesn’t end in the search engine realm. With the recent acquisitions of powerhouses such as YouTube and the Android mobile app market; is the Google brand leading us into a life of technological advancement that The Jetsons could only dream of? Or are we following Google’s supremacy into a ‘Big Brother’ like society where we’ve mistaken their democracy for a dominating monopoly.

To attest to Google’s influence, they’ve managed to conquer trades outside of the all-powerful search engine field, starting with enhancing the overall web browser experience. Google Chrome was introduced publicly in December of 2008 and it soon became the world’s most widely used web browser with 46.3 % of total usage. But this was just the beginning of their oncoming reign. Google then spread into the app world and upon their possession of the Android app market they were able to infiltrate the cellular community with 28 mobile applications. Infiltrate? Yes, the word seems to fit perfectly with the way their growth appears to have gone unnoticed to the majority.  From the 3rd best cloud service in Google Drive to the most used video hub, YouTube, Google’s range of capabilities makes it an industrial Swiss army knife. But pretty soon these metaphors will be irrelevant because their plans for the future are like none other.

The year of 2013 is said to bring much prosperity to the Google family with society changing innovations. Meet Project Glass: the lone innovation that may bring future technology to every waking moment of day-to-day life. Project Glass is Google’s wearable computer, which resembles prescription glasses but to describe them as so would be impertinent. The device’s distinct features have yet to be disclosed besides its cloud apps, photo/video capture, and messaging capability.  I predict what was once luxury will soon become necessity.

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The underlying question remains – do they mean well? I’m sure they do but does their intention matter when the end result may be more destructive than it is productive.

If I go missing from Geek Mag in a couple weeks just know I’ve gotten in too deep. But until then I sit on the other side of this screen trying to withhold Google’s pressure to conform to their all seeing eye.

Joking of course (not really) …but seriously… the ever evolving technological world serves the purpose of bringing simplicity to consumer life. Nevertheless are we creating a habit of over dependability by encouraging such an evolution?