Best Android App Finders to Help You Discover Latest Apps

Android has definitely become one of the most used and popular mobile operating systems in recent times. Not only the huge user base, but, there are plenty of awesome apps as well. Some of these are free and some are paid, but, rest assured, these can get very addictive. You won’t find a single Android phone user with less than 10 android apps installed (At least that’s what my experience is).

If you go crazy when it comes to Android apps and don’t want to miss a single new app, then you should try out android app finders. Don’t know much about android app finders? The below list should help you out:


Android appdj


You won’t get search filter with this, but, still, the app discovery process is simplified here. You’ll get 5 search sliders which you can change such as: Lifestyle, Entertainment, Trending, Productivity and Popularity. Depending on your sliders, AppDJ will present you the app list.


Appbrain for android

More than an app finder, it works like an app market. You can use it as an alternative to Google Play. Not only the latest apps, but, you can search for widgets and wallpapers from it as well. So, where does it score over Google Play? Please read on:

  • It has a constantly updating “Top Apps” section.
  • You can search android apps sorting those by price.
  • You’ll even get recommendation on Android apps depending on your prior choices.
  • You can filter the search results based on the apps’ popularity over the period of time and ratings as well.
  • There are different categories included in this app finder such as paid apps, price reduced apps, free apps etc.


Playboard app for android

If you like to browse through the app lists and don’t care for presence of search functionality, this app is ideal for you. There are no advanced search filters; however, you will find app channels which are similar to categories in many ways.

First you need to select a channel and then you are presented with an app on your screen. Now, swipe left and right to browse other apps on the same channel. The channel can also be changed by swiping to left and right. This is an app finder that gets updated frequently. I remember to have checked the same in an interval of 7-8 hours and yet, I found some new apps added.


Appaware for android

It’s kind of different from the aforementioned ones. It tracks the most popular apps by verifying that which ones are most installed all over the world. Not only that, you can search for the best android apps in your country (Any country, for that matter), check the daily updated app list, recommend personalized apps, see trending apps by popularity etc.

These android app finders are some of the best ones, as far I am concerned. I personally had quite good experiences with each of these and I hope the readers will also find these to be useful.