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Google Gemini AI Release Date Nears: Model Unveiled to Select Companies

OpenAI’s ChatGPT may have taken the world by storm, but it may soon have a solid contender in the form of Google. According to The Information, the tech behemoth is nearing the public launch of its ChatGPT competitor that it has labeled ‘Gemini.’ 

While there has been no clear indication of a Google Gemini AI release date, the publication did confirm that the tech giant has recently unveiled the AI model to a select group of companies. The text-based AI chatbot is reportedly built along the same type of large language model that ChatGPT has become famous for in the recent past. 

The Google Gemini iteration released to a small number of companies is not as large of a model as ChatGPT. However, it was reported that the public version of Google’s ChatGPT rival is going to be the same size as everyone’s go-to AI chatbot

How Near is Google Gemini AI Release Date?

Despite the report from The Information, there is no clear answer on when Google is going to publicly release its Gemini AI chatbot. Some reports indicate that the release might be as close as October 2023, while other sources claim that it may not be until December of this year. 

Google has also recently made moves to integrate AI into its existing products. Some users in select regions now receive a summary of search results whenever they make a query on the world’s most popular search engine. Whereas, others are receiving an AI writing assistant prompt in their Google Docs. 

Google is Not the First Search Engine to Come Out With a Conversational AI Product

While Google dominates the world of search engines, it interestingly wasn’t the first one to announce a conversational AI solution. Microsoft, which is a huge investor in OpenAI, used the ChatGPT model to launch an AI powered search bot to its users earlier this year. 

However, following Microsoft’s unfortunate pattern of failure, with the most infamous example being Skype getting surpassed by Zoom for pandemic era video calls, the company’s Bing AI chatbot failed to live up to expectations.

This also creates an opportunity for Google to beat Microsoft at its own game, which is why the Google Gemini AI release date is such a hot topic in tech circles. While little is known about Google’s answer to OpenAI, and by extension, Microsoft, the company’s vast global reach and history of successes hints that ChatGPT may soon share its earth-shattering popularity with Google Gemini. 

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