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Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Scare Me’ with “Make Cool Sh!T”

Back in August, (my GOSH time FLIES during this pandemic), Meredith and I had the pleasure of screening the Shudder Original ‘Scare Me’ and meeting with stars Aya Cash and Josh Ruben and had a freakin BLAST.

Now, because the movie is GREAT and Aya and Josh are SO talented and personable, they’re launching a podcast with costar Chris Redd to discuss all the ins and outs of indie filmmaking.

MAKE COOL SH!T is a comedy podcast docu-series that celebrates the tension between craft and creativity by following the artists’ process, come hell or high water. Season 1 (launching 10/31) is all about making a movie. MCS goes behind the scenes of the year’s most-coveted horror flick ‘SCARE ME,’ starring Josh Ruben (College Humor), Aya Cash (The Boys), Chris Redd (SNL) and Becky Drysdale (Tonight Show). From script to Sundance, they were there for it all.

Check out the Teaser here

To boot, they launched a SCARE ME GIVEAWAY – sort of a “live out your own scary story IRL” sweepstake and competition. Have a scary story? Record it and enter to win a spooky cabin getaway from Glamping Hub and $2,000+ in gear. Check it out here. And it’s set to be judged live-stream by an all-star crew on November 5th. 

Keep an eye on Geek Insider for more cool stuff from the folks over at Shudder and Make Cool Sh!T.

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