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Welcome to Geeks Anonymous

These past several days have been a highly eventful week for geeks. From Facebook’s feature add-on that challenges search engine juggernauts to the biggest file storage breakthrough of our time in Mega.

Welcome to Geeks Anonymous where I give you my personal perception on newsworthy events altering the tech world. Basically I vent and you listen. Offer me even the slightest accepting ears and I’ll return the favor in the form of my educated but conspiratorial point of view. I invite you to do the same so maybe next week I won’t be sitting alone in a circle of chairs addressing the empty room with the beginning words to my monologue


“Hi. My name is Dennis and I’m an egotistical geek.”

The first order of business is Facebook’s Graph Search which was found to be very controversial by the critics since Zuckerberg’s announcement.  The young CEO says this addition may be the best yet. Graph Search is a revamped private search that results in answers rather than links to answers, which Zuckerberg emphasizes, focusing on four use cases of the social search engine: people, photos, places, and interests.

More User Friendly Than Google or Yahoo

From an authoritative standpoint, Graph Search seems precise and surprisingly a more user friendly search engine than that of Google or Yahoo. Why? Because what results are answers, not a directory of links to answers. Graph Search is essentially a one-step solution not a step-by-step process if there is an available answer. If not, the social search box offers to outsource to Microsoft’s Bing which Zuckerberg has partnered with on this endeavor. Will users see this new addition the same way?  I jokingly recognize it as the Creeper Search but what Facebook is essentially doing is granting any user with a straight passageway to the deepest corners of their personal database. Should there be such a high level of efficiency in a social network search?

Mega upload

Kim Dotcom: File Storage Genius

A similar leader, in a parallel role, made news this week as well when he released Mega. Kim Dotcom, the file storage genius, releases Mega to the tune of 250,000 user registrations in the first 5 hours of its release. Tech followers celebrate the most protective cloud storage service to date, apparent in its early public acceptation. The “military grade” encryption plugin will be used to secure user’s files. Before a file is uploaded it will be encrypted, which means that no one but the owner can see what it contains. Dotcom’s breakthrough API innovation will make for the greatest file storage system ever. I resembled an 8 year old boy waiting for Santa Clause the way I awaited Mega’s release in my overly eager state.

Above all I write these words thinking to myself, “Where do we draw the line?” What’s private and what’s public anymore? It’s almost ironic the way Dotcom tries to replenish technologically based private property and Facebook improves to integrate such privacy.

Again I invite you to comment with your own thoughts for next week’s topic or your thoughts on this week’s recap. Either way please don’t leave me in this room alone!


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