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Facebook Introduces Graph Search – The Social Search Engine

Facebook adds revamping energy to search engine competition with their new Graph Search

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently introduced to the media Facebook’s new addition in Graph Search. The young CEO, head of one of the fastest growing dynasties of the era, says this addition may be the best yet. What sets Graph Search apart is its private search that results in answers rather than links to answers, which Zuckerberg emphasizes.

“We focused on four use cases in this search launch: people, photos, places, and interests,” he said. Prior, the only way to truly stay updated through Facebook was through your Newsfeed or Facebook’s inconsistent search which would pull results of only relative people and/or businesses. Graph search takes location into consideration when it combines the information from its newsfeed and the efficiency of the Microsoft Bing engine.

In return users will be able to find their friends’ music or movie interests, or recent restaurants they’ve eaten from. Basically Facebook has provided a direct line from their users to the bottomless database of private information.

In regards to specificity, one is able to search for people by searching fragments for instance: friend of a friend who is declared single on Facebook in a certain area. Graph Search searches for the terms you enter and retrieves a list of qualifiers. Users can also search for photos whether singular or in bulk. You can search for “photos of my family taken in New York.” What appears is a grid of photos that meet your searched terms.

On the backend this type of engine is merely restricted to Facebook’s domain unless Facebook cannot find results and allows the option of outsourcing it to Microsoft’s Bing. But since Facebook was once a company founded on privacy values and personalized information then the search brings information specific to you and information Google or Yahoo wouldn’t be able to tap into.

Inquiring statuses such as, “Where’s the best place to eat in the LA area?” seem to be outlawed because instead of asking just do the investigating on your own. But does such an efficient search engine cross privacy boundaries? Either way the creation of a modified search engine presents advantages where others lack. Keep an eye open for the release of Facebook’s Graph Search; in the meantime do your creeping manually.