Fastest Ways to Deposit and Withdraw Winnings in Online Casinos

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One of the features of any casino is the number of deposit and withdrawal methods its supports. It can be a determining factor for many players. Some of them prefer traditional payment methods, whereas others lean towards newer technologies such as eWallets and cryptocurrencies. Good online casinos feature a big selection of payment methods that make them appealing to more players. This article will mention some of the fastest ways to make a deposit and withdrawal. Aside from being the most rapid, they are equally secure, meaning your winnings will safely get to your bank account.


eWallets are the most popular option for many online casino visitors. They are convenient as their users can connect bank accounts to their online wallets. On top of that, these payment methods are highly secure, fast, and have low fees. After you connect your payment card to the eWallet, you can add funds to your account and transfer them wherever you like, in an instant. That way, you can fuel your gaming fun with a simple click and instantly get money in your casino account. On the other hand, you can also quickly withdraw money with processing times not taking longer than a couple of hours. The most popular eWallets are PayPal, ecoPayz, Skrill, and Neteller. Almost every casino supports at least one of them. Opt for one that works best for your needs, and you can make deposits and withdrawals instantly.

Online Banking

A growing number of new technologies are creating better money transfer solutions. Interac is the perfect example, which enables customers to turn their bank accounts into instant payment methods. What’s more, the fintech solution works both ways, meaning that you can also make equally quick withdrawals. If you’re looking for an instant withdrawal casino, seek whether they support this payment method so you can make hassle-free withdrawals. Besides being fast, players opt for this payment method due to its security. If you’re looking for the fastest ways to make deposits and withdrawals with traditional banking methods, this option is your best bet.


Crypto is becoming a widely accepted form of payment that many companies are looking to adopt. The most popular options are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, and some online casinos are already accepting them as a form of payment. With the growing number of other popular crypto options, it’s only a matter of time before they start getting accepted. The most significant advantage of crypto is outstanding security and almost instant deposits with minimal fees. As soon as you get your winning, you can simply send the crypto from your casino account to your address in a matter of seconds. No traditional payment method is faster than that. Plus, there are no limits. You can transfer as much money as you like.

Payment Cards

Even though payment cards are not the quickest payment method, they deserve mention due to their availability. Almost every casino player has some type of credit or debit card. On the other hand, every single casino out there supports them. Using them to make a deposit is instant and straightforward. The withdrawal takes from 3 to 5 workdays and comes with some limits. Still, it’s one of the most secure payment methods you can get, and the fees are reasonable. If you want to make quicker withdrawals, opting for one of the payment methods mentioned above is better.

Cash in Person

As the global casino market will keep growing, it’s normal to expect that new physical locations of casinos will pop up in cities. How does this relate to quick deposits and withdrawals? Well, if you’re nearby and you make a win online, you can still head over to the physical casino and make a cash withdrawal. It takes seconds from the moment you show up on the premises.


Using these payment methods will allow you to make quick deposits and withdrawals. The best part is that every method is highly secure. Pick the one that works best for you and enjoy having fun in online casinos, knowing that you can make an instant withdrawal once you have your next lucky streak.

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