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Ecocapsule: Efficient Design Creates Housing Solutions

As seen on their webpage, Ecocapsule “is a portable house offering an unmatched dwelling experience. With its immense off-grid life span, worldwide portability and flexibility it is suitable for a wide range of applications: from an independent research station or a tourist lodge to an emergency housing or a humanitarian-action unit.”

Why It Matters

There have been major developments in recent time in regards to the creation of environmentally sustainable housing options. Creating energy-efficient technology has become urgently necessary as our present day consumer culture is faced with the serious implications of climate change and the depletion of natural resources. The Ecocapsule is one such solution to these modern ecological dilemmas. Designed by Nice Architects –a young architectural studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia –Ecocapsule merges “energy efficient shape, compact volume and off-grid capabilities with the luxuries of a warm bed, running water and a hot meal.”

How It Works

Ecocapsule is a low-energy house packed into a compact form. Despite the space itself being quite small, each Ecocapsule comfortably houses two adults. This is a true testament to its efficient spatial layout and sleek design. Occupants can enjoy the convenience of household facilities in off-grid conditions. The space offers a built-in kitchenette with running water, toilet and hot shower. These features, which the designers suggests are the ‘luxuries of a hotel room,’ also allow you to reside in the complete wilderness. There is plenty of storage space that can house things like sports or research equipment. These features are essential to any long stay. Each Ecocapsule comfortably provides the necessities while maintaining efficiency in energy and design. The basic specs of the unit itself are as follows:

  • Dimensions: (HxLxW)2.55×4.45×2.25m/4.5m with extended pole
  • Weight: 1500kg
  • Installed power output: wind 750W solar 600W
  • Battery capacity: 9744Wh

Each Ecocapsule is powered by a built-in wind turbine complemented with an array of solar cells. A dual power system and a high-capacity battery ensures that its inhabitants will have enough power during periods of reduced solar or wind activity, again reinforcing its capacity for long-term occupancy. The shape of each Ecocapsule is also optimized for the collection of rainwater and dew. There are built-in water filters which would allow to effectively use and sterilize any source of water.

Global Implications

This project is an excellent solution to global housing needs. Ecocapsule fits into a standard shipping container and no special preparations and precautions are necessary to transport the eco-home anywhere worldwide. It can be shipped, airlifted, towed or even pulled by a pack animal.

The price of the Ecocapsule is set to be announced in the last quarter of 2015. It is worthy to note however that because of Ecocapsule’s ability to fit into standard shipping containers, the cost of shipment is effectively quite low. In regards to the status of the project, the design team claims to have finished creating functional prototypes and are currently invested in preparing for production. Pre-orders for Ecocapsules are expected to begin in the last quarter of 2015 as well. Delivery of the first line of production is expected to take place in the first half of 2016.


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