for Meetings App: Streamline Your Work Meetings

Formeetings app

The rumors are true. Geeks are smart. So it goes without saying that someone reading a geeky website probably has a successful career. We pander to the technically savvy geek here as well, so this is a great opportunity to talk about an app that will help take your work meetings to a whole new level.

Throw Away Your Yellow Legal Pad

for Meetings app has set about to change things in the work meetings department. They’ve done this by creating an all-in-one tool for managing your work meetings. Work meetings are often a snooze fest (let’s be real here) but we also know how truly important they are for productivity in the workplace. The for Meetings app has specific features for note taking, attendance counting, visual organization, and so much more. This way, work meetings will be focused and valuable to everyone involved. A little boring? Maybe, but at least now they won’t be wasting your time.

Organizing a meeting is no simple task. It’s always important to be mindful of the details and for Meetings lets you do just that. You are able to “Select content by swiping down the side of the page to effortlessly move, copy, delete or indent using simple gestures. Visualize attendees around a table. Drag to connect them to content or mark them as an apology or absent.” The features are pretty innovative. It’s hard to comprehend all of this with the written word. This is really an app with features you need to visualize:

Formeetings app

for Meetings Lets You Up Your Note Taking Game

See how sleek and organized it is? This is a Type A person’s dream scenario. If it looks a little complicated to you, no worries- the app walks you through the whole process with help tips. The meetings notes feature is probably my favorite. Taking good notes is a struggle sometimes and for Meetings really streamlines that process for you, especially if you are taking minutes at a meeting. You can put all the information into the app as the meeting is being held and edit the information after the meeting takes place.


Aquiring the App

for Meetings is available exclusively for iPad and requires iOS 8.0 or newer. While there are a lot of note taking apps out there, this app is a great choice due to its superior organization abilities.

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