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e-Sports Will be All The Rage

E-sports is a critical part of each aspect of life going digital. Many individuals have been involved in various physical sports that range from running to football and others. These sports have provided another avenue for many people to improve their lives in various ways.

Indeed, sports have a special place in many people’s hearts. They’ve been a significant element of the global culture for decades. Indeed, the pre-COVID-19 period was graced with events that saw people packing stadiums or spending hours in front of a television screen just to have a feeling of their favorite sporting activities.

Conversely, coronavirus has changed the outlook of the sporting arena as many gaming activities go online. In essence, the internet has allowed us to divert from the initial passive roles as spectators to a more engaging platform to interact with the player interface. Research conducted by SuperData projected that e-sports would be worth over $3 billion in 2020.

With the rise of development platforms like Unity and others, the world of gaming is bound to grow even more.

Here’s why you must pay attention to e-sports.

E-sports is Here to Stay

E-sports is not only an emerging trend but is here to stay. E-sports enthusiasts, game creators, and investors have broken new ground. It is projected that over 500 million people will be actively engaged in the e-sports’ value chain by the end of 2020. This only notes that stakeholders in the industry are constantly establishing avenues to increase the aesthetic appeal of their e-gaming platforms.

E-sports Lovers Have Disposable Income

Most of the e-sports audiences have the finances to spend lavishly on passive entertainment platforms like videogames. This attracts more investors to the e-sports industry. Data indicates that the e-sports audience has a median age of 31 with seemingly, minimal responsibilities and fiscal commitments. 

The fact that both the market and the consumers are willing to spend depicts the e-sports industry as a promising area. This is the area to contemplate if you are an entrepreneur or someone else who wants to get involved in the sector.

Esports is Globally Accepted and is Experiencing Tremendous Growth

It is true that South Korea is the epicenter of e-sporting. However, e-gaming has spread all over the globe with a cumulative growth rate of 8.2%. It has gained solid ground in Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Asia. –

The fact that IT infrastructure is also experiencing exponential growth reveals that e-sporting will only become more significant and better with time. Similarly, there’s a growing population of e-gaming audiences who view it both as an alternative and valid medium of entertainment.

E-sports is Steering the World’s Desire to Adopt Modernized and Livestreamed Recreation With Optimal Comfort

Most e-sports platforms have proven their ability to avail avenues through which audiences can connect with players, other users, and fans in real-time. E-sports avenues like Twitch allow their online fanbase to advance platforms to support their players and cultivate a community of fans. This allows for the active engagement of the concerned audiences for more extended periods of time.

In essence, most of the e-sports platforms have emerged as pinnacles of fan experiences.

Multinationals have capitalized on advancing the e-gaming sector to build arenas that are fully dedicated to hosting e-sporting tournaments, competitions, and events—such avenues avail fans with firsthand experiential opportunities and exciting live entertainments.

From the excitement to their ability to present their audiences with real-time gaming opportunities, e-sporting has emerged as the most promising recreational activity in the post-coronavirus era. E-sporting is a sector that has revolutionized the mainstream gaming ecosystem by tapping into a digitally native consumer base that is always yearning to play on. 

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