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Check out the Revenant in 2020

“As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight. You breathe. Keep breathing.” – Hugh Glass

The Revenant is quite likely a fantastic movie to watch during times of distress and struggle. It shows resilience, robustness, and the value of preserving through significant troubles.

If you haven’t watched this film yet, it is high time that you gave it a go during this holiday season. It may not be a family get-together movie, but it certainly is worth your time.

Here’s a few reasons to watch The Revenant.

Witness The Unimaginable in the Revenant

The power of cinema is that it can take you to places you have never gone before, and The Revenant does just that as it highlights struggle and progress.

We tend to avoid and loath emotional or physical pain in any form, even when these stressors contribute to better health. Conversely, we appreciate people who push themselves to the limit to provide fantastic entertainment and progress in sports, movies, and other fields.

The Revenant is compelling because it helps take audiences to a different place genuinely. The best film production takes the viewer to a specific context and story while fully engrossing them in it.

This film delivers quite a bit without having to reach for various film tricks providing a more compelling depiction. It is not about merely watching the film but feeling as if you are going through the hardship, struggling to get to some form of safety.

The Revenant and its Compelling Storyline

The story reels you in from the start as you face danger from the beginning and must valiantly survive through tumultuous times right from the start. 

The Revenant captures your attention and compels you to pay attention as you seek to push back against the heavy forces and obstacles in your way. You realize that the forces and obstacles relate to perception as everyone is on a mission and in pursuit of a certain goal.

But amid these eruptions of violent energy lies lessons in respect, cooperation, and the need for coordination during tough times. It also brings about the notion of internal conflict in caring for your fellow man amid times of crisis.

The lack of empathy can result in different trials as the neglected must reach deep within themselves to survive and push on. The film is intriguing during COVID-19 because of isolation and other struggles that are taking place during this time.

These other struggles include economic hardship, uncertainty, and general doubt for many as they seek to navigate throughout the year. The primary issue with COVID-19 is the other factors that come with it that disrupt the world.

The main character must walk many miles through grave terrain to obtain meet his goals. It’s his conviction that helps him strive through great danger when many would have failed.

The Relation to Today

It makes you ponder your convictions as you journey through these trying COVID-19 times. What are you committed to this year and why?

Are you close to reaching your goals? Did you give up or did you summon your internal fortitude to face the challenges that arise?

The path to finalizing this year will be far from simple or easy for many but finding determination and your reasons to push on will be quite crucial.

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