Snes nintendo 3ds xl

Check out the SNES-Style 3DS Headed to UK

Nintendo UK announced a new addition to the 3DS collection. Don’t get too riled up since it doesn’t seem to be headed to the US for now, but this new Super Nintendo-themed 3DS XL looks pretty neat.

Snes nintendo 3ds xl

The outside fashions itself after the classic SNES console while the inside shows off the colored buttons of a European SNES controller. This retro 3DS will be available in the UK on October 13th. 

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your 3DS to an XL, the Samus Edition is due out Sept 15th here in the US. If this fails to impress you, fingers crossed the SNES style comes to the US. It seems only fair since Japan got the Super Famicom edition last year…


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