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‘Okami HD’ to Be Released on PS4 and Xbox One

If you missed out on Okami HD on the PS3, it looks like you’ve got another chance to get it according to Kotaku UK. A couple of their sources have reported that two European retail chains have added the game to their internal release schedule. Each list the release date as December 12th on the PS4 and Xbox One. This time around, you should be able to get a physical copy unlike its original release in 2012. Although Nintendo got a piece of Okami back in 2008, it does not appear this port will be coming to the Switch (hangs head in disappointment). Nothing is ever set in stone, however, and Kotaku UK warns us to “beware of placing too much faith in retail schedules.”

The Zelda-esque gameplay and gorgeous Japanese art visuals of Okami is welcome on any console as far as many fans are concerned. The only other taste we’ve had was Okamiden on the DS back in 2011. A tidbit that Metro got at E3 last year from the co-founder of Platinum Games gives us hope, though, that¬†Okami 2 is a real possibility.¬†Fingers crossed that this sequel will happen sometime in the near future!

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