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Check out This ‘Game of Thrones’ Pop-Up Bar in Boston While You Can

No doubt patios are a fun place to hang, but maybe not so much in the brutal winter of New England. Yet, somehow, the Precinct Kitchen + Bar (pictured above) in Boston has found a way to get people to willingly sit outside this January. They’ve set up a Game of Thrones pop-up bar where you can enjoy themed decor, food, drinks, and even music. Precinct is even handing out furs resembling the ones you see northerners wearing to help you fight off the cold as you enjoy your night. They probably won’t be as fancy as the ones you see Jon Snow sporting, but I’m sure they’ll do the trick.

Game of thrones pop-up bar in boston

The specialty menu includes items such as “A Burger Has No Name” and “Chicken Littlefingers.” You can wash down your meal with drinks fit for the occasion such as “Beyond the Wall” and “Smoke of the Dragon’s Breath” that come in themed glassware. If you want to really warm yourself up you can try your odds with the “Red Wedding,” a warm mulled wine. Maybe don’t proclaim yourself for house Stark and you might be ok…

The Game of Thrones bar will be open throughout the rest of January from 4-11 pm nightly.

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